14 reasons to get NAKED: an homage to the fabulous naked cake

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Photo by Carly Bish Photography
Photo by Carly Bish Photography

I remember seeing Chaitra and Ryan's immaculate floral naked cake back in 2013 and thinking, “Oh shit, this is going to be a thing, and I'm going to love it.” Naked cakes have been fluctuating in popularity for a long time, especially in the UK and now over here in the US, and we are still loving them. If you're one of those frosting haters (blasphemy!), you're probably loving them, too. Here's a little homage to the naughtiest of wedding confectionaries: the naked cake. Let's peek at the scandalous selection.

Gorgeous naked cake on @offbeatbride
Gorgeous naked cake on @offbeatbride
Jeff and Brandon's little slice of heaven. Photo by Karenscape Photography
Gorgeous naked cake on @offbeatbride
Noma and Jesse's frosty and fruit-covered vision. Photos by Wild Productions
Gorgeous naked cake on @offbeatbride
Neda and Mark's pert and purty cake. Photo by Richard Bell Photography
Gorgeous naked cake on @offbeatbride
Shannon and Billy's naked + crochet cake. Photo by Stacey Windsor Photography
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Gorgeous naked cake on @offbeatbride
Michael and Michelle's elegant custom cake. Photos by Kelly Williams, Photographer
Gorgeous naked cake on @offbeatbride
Cake by Dellizquez Custom Cakes via MyWedding.com
Gorgeous naked cake on @offbeatbride
Photo by Anna Hardy. Cake by Petal-á-Pot via MyWedding.com
Gorgeous naked cake on @offbeatbride
Sweetest little sparkle cake by What's Gaby Cooking
Gorgeous naked cake on @offbeatbride
Take this in: chocolate peanut butter caramel popcorn naked cake. My heart! From Top With Cinnamon
Chocolate Raspberry Layer cake from @offbeatbride
Chocolate raspberry bliss by My Baking Addiction
Rice Krispy cake on @offbeatbride
Random bonus cake! A psuedo naked cake? Even if this Rice Krispy treat cake doesn't count, it's amazing. Photo by Ryan & Denise Photography

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Amyone planning their own naughty nakedness? Tell us about it!

: Carly Bish Photography

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Comments on 14 reasons to get NAKED: an homage to the fabulous naked cake

  1. We are having a somewhat traditional kransekake (Norwegian wedding cake) and they are typically “naked” but I am on the lookout for ways to decorate it that don’t overwhelm it. I really love the look of the first cake, with the simple flowers and rosemary? sprigs. Super perfect. Thanks for the pretty inspiration!

  2. I’m not a big fan of naked cakes (icing all the way for me!) but those naked cakes decorated all with fresh fruit and berries look so good it’s hard to remind myself I can’t eat them through my computer screen.

  3. I want to make the rice crispie treat cake now just because, even though I’m already 2+ years post wedding. 🙂

  4. I’m not a huge frosting fan (enjoy real buttercream or cream cheese frosting in moderation) so these look amazing! Especially the ones with all the fruit. I’d honestly rather have fresh fruit than cake.

    I don’t know of any bakeries in my area who do this, and if there are they’re probably super pricey. Frosting covers a multitude of sins.

  5. My cake was a naked cake! Husband got a decorated cake with full frosting for his cake — he knew exactly what he wanted from the get-go. Me, I had no idea, so I was blithely stumbling around the internet looking for one… and I kinda fell in love with the way naked cakes make you want to just eat them immediately.

    This is the reference picture we sent the baker, and it came back looking exactly like this: https://apis.xogrp.com/media-api/images/dbb1e526-693c-4d01-a0b5-38e7cf13f011~rs_768.h?quality=75

  6. As a frosting/fondant hater (not even gonna apologize), I love that it’s OK to have a naked cake. We’ll probably go that route, since we’re having a brunch wedding anyone and folks won’t want to fill up 100% on sugary cake. Michael and Michelle’s, above, is totally inspiring me right now!

    • French toast naked cake? Cinnamon roll naked cake? Blueberry muffin naked cake?

  7. I’m preferring a naked cake for my second wedding. Frosting is starting to really fuck up my blood sugar whenever I have cake, and I’m wanting to concentrate on flavor so that the cake is not just a bland carrier of frosting.

  8. Aesthetically naked cakes are my favorite!

    But I love frosting and yes, even fondant too much to ever acquiesce to having one… unless I could have my own bridal frosting tub… hmmm…

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