Check out these cool laser cut invitations!

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OBT member “Elisa” created some really unique looking wedding invitations with the use of a laser cutting machine.


We laser-cut the blue cardboard using our friend's thumbprint to access the zillion-dollar machinery at RMIT (for real! there's a gadget thingy attached to the machine that reads fingerprints! No access to the plebes!), and the orange paper is this weird transparent stuff that's heavier than tissue paper but still kind of see-through.


We just printed the info on some nice heavy-ish white-ish paper and stuck a rectangle of that on the inside, but I'm only posting a mock-up because I'm a luddite and can't figure out how to blur out our surnames etc.


Clearly, the bride herself acknowledges that this is not something everyone can just DIY, so I thought I'd do some research into how us “plebes” could get access to something this cool.

If you're super into the idea of DIYing your invites, has step-by-step instructions that show you how you can make your own laser cutter! This makes absolutely no sense to me, but some of you engineer-types out there might be able to pull this off.

For those of you that don't feel like getting all MacGyver on your wedding invitations, I found a company called The Hummingbird Card Co. in the UK. They offer a bespoke service to have your own custom design cut for your wedding invites. I also found Techno-Laser whom I didn't get in touch with, but it looks like they do custom work as well.

So get to lasering and then thank Elisa for the amazing invite inspiration!

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Comments on Check out these cool laser cut invitations!

  1. Too cool! BTW, the see-through stuff is called vellum paper, or just vellum (I paid my tuition for my last year of college working at a stationery store, lol).

  2. That is really cool. If you have any scrapbooking friends you can see if they have a Silhoutte Digital Die cutter (they are about $200-300) and you can do something similar too.

  3. Wow, so awesome! Since mom nixed me being allowed to make the chuppah, I might just get my dad (he's super technically inclined) in on this one and not tell her– it's just too cool of an idea!

  4. Wow. Just wow… Those are spectacular! They would be amazing for something like a wedding with a Dia de los Muertos theme…

  5. Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards, Dia de los Muertos Cards… mind is thinking of ideas as I type……. STUNNING!

  6. These are gorgeous! Also, I am just a little wigged out that I am also an Elisa, and I am marrying a Russ instead of a Ross. AND the Elisa and Ross here are getting married on my birthday! Spooky…

  7. I’m a little late to the comment stream… but, most largish metro areas will have many laser cutting shops, and most of them can cut paper no problem. The only catch is that they’ll expect the designs in the form of a CAD file.

  8. if you live close to a Techshop, you can rent their laser cutter, too. you’ll have to take a 1-hr class first, but it’s *fairly* straight-forward, and you can always ask people there to help you if you get lost in the process.

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