Happiness… (Photo by Erica Chambers Photography)

The offbeat bride: Danielle, RN

Her offbeat partner: Carl, College Professor in Criminal Justice and Doctoral Student

Location & date of wedding: The Bear and the Boar Bed and Breakfast Resort, London, KY – May 22, 2010

What made our wedding offbeat: I was never going to be a bride. I didn't look at bridal magazines as a young girl and I declined most wedding invitations. Marriage just was not for me. So when Carl and I decided to “jump the stick,” we had no idea how, where, or even when we would do it. But we knew one thing for certain: it was going to be “weird” and it was going to be “magical.”

Carl and Kevin

Carl's uncle, Ross, owns a “Men's Bed and Breakfast” that sits on the lake in London, KY. Carl and I have been fortunate enough to house/cat sit a few times and it is the most naturally magical place we've ever been. We decided to talk to Ross about it. As soon as we mentioned that we thought we might like to get married at his house, he clapped his hands in front of him and gushed, “It will be the event of the century.”

The music played (Photo by Erica Chambers Photography)

Because it was a bed and breakfast, it was decided that we would have a “Wedding Weekend” and allow our guests (or those who would like) to stay the night with us and enjoy Saturday as well as Sunday. There is a 20 bed bunkhouse (completely equiped with beds and a sex swing …) as well as the rest of the house. Guests were encouraged to bring tents and sleeping bags and an open mind. They were also encouraged to dress however they would like.

My favorite moment: My father was never involved in my life and passed away when I was 15, so there was instantly the question of who would “give me away.” When I discussed this with Carl, he seemed angry and reminded me that there wasn't anyone in the world that could “give me to him.” “You are no one's ‘property' and you will not be mine.”

The kiss (Photo by Erica Chambers Photography)

It was decided I would dance down the aisle. Then, a week before the wedding, it occurred to us that since we weren't having a “typical” aisle, it might be difficult for me to walk down the hill in my dress and shoes.

My best friend, Talena, suggested that Carl come and get me and take me down the aisle. This is how it went.

It was so funny to hear everyone's stories of how they “freaked out” when Carl started to walk away. But when they realized he was coming to get me, they said the tears started flying. Even our photographer lost it at that point.

Photo by Erica Chambers Photography

Our biggest challenge: Due to a previous medical condition, two days before our wedding, I started hemorrhaging and was told I'd need to have a hysterectomy.

“ACK! But I'm getting married tomorrow, going to Mexico for a week and moving to Florida a month after we get back!” My fantastically wonderful MD gave me heavy doses of estrogen and scheduled me for surgery 2 days after our honeymoon.

"I thought I could adlib" (Photo by Erica Chambers Photography)

My funniest moment:
Other than an exchanging of the rings and our vows, there wasn't much about our ceremony that was “normal.” However, we did decide that we would have a place in there for each of us to have a reading. Carl had a beautiful reading that shocked our guests initially and then left everyone crying and breathless in the end.

Then it was my turn. I had attempted to put something together, but everything sounded so dorky and cheesy. I decided that I do much better gushing to Carl about how much he meant to me and that I would just ad lib when the time came. Well, when Carl was finished and Kevin (our officiant) said that I would then say a few words… my knees literally got weak.

Luckily I was holding both of Carl's hands and allowed myself to bend down for a second. I immediately began to laugh and stood up and looked at him and said, “Ummm, I thought I could just ad lib.” Everyone was laughing through their tears as I said something silly about how, “While many authors of many fairytales have attempted to describe the type of love I have for him, no one has been able to convey in words exactly how special it is… and I certainly wouldn't be able to do so right now. I love you.” (or something along those lines… it's not written down anywhere.) It was a VERY funny and awkward moment.

Photo by Erica Chambers Photography

Care to share a few vendor/shopping links:

  • Planner: We didn't do any of our wedding planning. Carl's uncle Ross handled everything!
  • Dress: I found my dress, on the first trip at David's Bridal. I did want to wear white (because it looks so good against my partial filipina skin).
  • Suit: Carl's suit was tailored and purchased at Jett & Hall Shoe's and Clothing on Main Street in Richmond, KY. Mr. Jett is the smoothest dress man in town and has been operating his private business for decades. Carl wanted to support local business so everything, including his shoes was purchased there.
  • Veil and Rings: eBay.

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Comments on Danielle & Carl’s magically weird weekend wedding

  1. Okay, also? The fact that your wedding location displays a Bear Pride flag fills me with tremendous happies and it kicks much ass that you have wedding pictures featuring said flag.

    This might possibly be my favorite wedding ever.

    • Your comments make me teary eyed! I know for certain it was MY favorite wedding ever!

  2. Zebra cakes on your cake!?!!? OMGOMGOMG! Too awesome!

    My boyfriend would have a field day if he could stay at that B&B. 😉 I agree with you, your day was very magical! You can tell just from the photos so I imagine being there in person only further agrees.

  3. Aww, you guys look so happy! It looks like your day was just as magical as you wanted. It also looks like a lot of fun!

    (My fiance would probably love to stay at that B&B. If we ever go to KY, we will TOTALLY look that up.)

    Much love to you!

    • Definitely! The accommodations are out of this world and Ross is one of the kindest most FABULOUS men I’ve ever met!

  4. I almost got that same dress! It looks way better on you!
    I love your wedding. I have no idea what I’m doing either, so this gives me hope!

  5. Thanks for all the kind words! I hope you all visit the Bear and Boar, it truly is a magical place. Hell, I hope I get to go back SOON!

  6. Danielle you are gorgeous! And the massage? That was such an awesome idea. Really really lovely wedding!

    • Ross planned everything, EVEN the massage. Luckily we have several friends who are quite good with their hands. There’s a nail tech, several musicians as well as people who just simply love to give good massages! Thank goodness I had a swim suit with me! It was a total surprise (and treat)!

      • I was so delighted when Ross was telling me about you guys gonna get married at his place. He ask me and 4 other guys to be there to help him with the weekend. I absolutely had a blast.

        • We absolutely loved that you were there to make it the best day EVER! Thank you, George!

  7. I actually grew up in London, KY. I know about that B&B but have never been there. I LOVE that you got married there, it sounds amazing!

  8. Look at you two! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happier bride & groom! I hope my FH and I will radiate such joy on our wedding day! 😀

  9. Hi Danielle, I really enjoyed your wedding pictures. Who was your photographer? Did you have a friend take them? I love the neutrality of them. After looking at these, perhaps I’ll consider the same idea..

    • Hiya Ila! My Photographer was Erica Chambers from Kentucky. She is amazing. I also another friend, Marion Wyatt took over 700 pictures. There were some pictures from friends and family thrown in the mix as well. Overall we had over 3000 pictures to choose from. I plan on posting more soon! Congratulations on your up and coming wedding!

  10. Awesome! I’m from Richmond, KY, and currently attending school in Danville. I’m so pumped to see an offbeat wedding so close to my neck of the woods!

    • Erica! We were Richmondites when we were married!!! We just moved to Florida.

  11. Congratulations Darling!
    Your wedding profile simply leaks southern charm!
    I’m delighted by Carl going to get you, and how excited Ross was to plan the whole thing!

  12. Your wedding looks like it was truly an unforgetable experience. I’m thinking of something similar (bed & breakfast) – do you mind sharing some of the activities that you all did over the weekend.

    • Freedom ran rampant the entire weekend and everyone was encouraged to do anything they wanted at any time they wanted! We left the microphone hooked up all night for random use. Music was abundant and would start and stop without warning (ironically, other than my rap songs, no one else used the mic for “singing”). There was swimming and dancing, there was nudity and singing. It was a smorgasbord of impropriety and hilarity and it was magically weird and wonderful!

  13. Danielle, I have to say I feel like I completely connected to you and your wedding story even though I wasn’t there, nor do I know you. However, I too, am from Kentucky. I was born and raised in Middlesboro (if your familiar with London you should know where M’boro is! lol) Secondly I too had problems with hemmoraging and had to have a hysterectomy (@ a younger age-under 30!) just like you. And finally I’ve never once looked through a bridal magazine nor envisioned my own wedding! (uggghhh makes me shiver!) I do have my Prince Charming though. We’ve been together 15 yrs this year and have 5 children together. I just had to tell you your wedding looked beautiful and seeing as how we’re familiar with the same area, I had to say hello! Your smile shows your happy and I wish you guys the best of luck!!!!

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