DIY ‘Infinity Knot’ Handfasting Cord Set

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DIY ‘Infinity Knot’ Handfasting Cord Set

You can choose any three color cords for your ceremony and personalize the three cords with optional pendants or stones.

Please specify your color choices and then the pendants/stones you want on each color cord. Pendants are optional – see variation dropdown if you wish to get none or get just one pair, two pairs or three pairs of pendants.

Any cord that you order without pendants will be finished with Celtic cone endings seen in the images. Please choose silver or gold cones.

If you pick silver pendants, we will match your pendants with silver cones, likewise gold pendants or the shell pendant will be matched with gold colored Celtic cones. If you want all stones, please specify your cone color choice.

Colors can be chosen to match your wedding palette, or for their significance to you. Often one color represents each partner, and the third represents a joining force, such as their love, their destiny together or their shared faith. Pendants or natural stones add another layer of significance to the cords.

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