ipad wedding

It finally happened, folks! I shot a wedding ceremony completely run from the officiant's iPad! And it was awesome. I was literally giddy about it. The lucky couple, Katie and Aaron, thought I was a nut job because of how excited I was over this.

Keep reading for some sweet iPad I mean, wedding porn…

IMG_1361Katie copying her vows onto the iPad.

ipad ceremonyAren't they adorable!?

Katie & Aaron's Oceanside weddingKatie got all weepy during her vows, it was super sweet.

IMG_1599Katie and Aaron got married in the beautiful outdoor setting in Oceanside and can we take a break from the iPad porn and just talk about how AMAZING Katie's outfit is. She made all of that herself.

Okay back to the geekery — here's one more photo for you Apple fan-boys out there…

IMG_1374A little iBook, iPad and iPhone action all at the same time. And I swear I did not set up this shot — this literally just happened!

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Comments on iPad pronounce you man and wife!

  1. I could see this being my brothers wedding, about the only thing he doesn’t use his iPad for is music production, which he does on his Macbook of course.

    I love the dress, the officiants hat and the sunflowers too!

  2. Oh God! Please don’t let my FH see this! He’ll be looking for ways to incorporate all his fan boy toys! Also, very pretty wedding 🙂

  3. They are a beautiful couple in a beautiful location and that shot of her wiping tears away is so touching!!

    The ipad is cool too 😉

  4. I think that’s a very clever way of keeping everything together in one place! And I LOVE the color of the bride’s dress.

    This popped up on Wedinator…and the comments were…well…less the stellar. I’m SO glad that the wonderful gang here is so supportive.

  5. I think this is so cool and hip! I’m sure my hubs would have been totally for this if there had been such a thing as an iPad 10 years ago! Congrats to the couple for a beautiful and original wedding.

  6. Aw, thanks guys! We weren’t even planning on using the iPad going into it, but Aaron’s uncle (the officiant) had his with him, and it seemed like a convenient way to keep everything together.

    Megan, the pictures are awesome! You did such a great job and everyone keeps saying how wonderful you were. I can’t wait to see the rest of them!

  7. You could totally sell that last picture to Apple lol great pictures, everyone looks beautiful!!!!

  8. What a great day this turned out to be… after running late driving the distance to the wedding my husband, the officiant, didn’t get a chance to print his notes and the vows on paper… lucky thing he had everything on his lappy so we transfered, while in route, to the ipad.. the rest is history… literally~! I guess Aaron and Katie’s wedding is the tech talk of the ipad world. How cool is that?

    Thanks Megan, the photos are brilliant. The wedding was SWEET! Pastor and I are so pleased we could be part of Aaron and Katies special day.

  9. I’m a wedding officiant, and last year I started using my ipad instead of printing each ceremony script and punching it into my 3-ring binder. It’s so smooth… you can scroll with you thumb, no pages to turn, it’s tree-friendly, and when it’s windy out, you never lose your place! Several of my employees have tablets, and I email them the ceremony scripts, they download to their kindle, ipad, etc, and away they go!

  10. I don’t see an issue? But then again, my pastor uses an iPad for his sermon notes, so theres that….lol

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