This gradiated cake will make you need to change your metaphorical pants

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Photo by GingerSnaps
Photo by GingerSnaps

Shh. No talking. Let's just quietly bask in the sweet visual deliciousness of this green-to-blue gradiated cake. You can call it ombre if you're into that kind of thing, I'm just going to call it the most gorgeous cake I've seen today, and go change my metaphorical pants, which I may have just metaphorically soiled.

Offbeat Bride Tribe member Emilydeer has the full scoop:

The cake was made by Twisted Sifter in Danville, KY. The flavors were amazing: Bourbon spice with orange butter cream, hot chocolate, chocolate chip with cookie butter, and Ale81 (a local ginger ale).”

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Comments on This gradiated cake will make you need to change your metaphorical pants

  1. This is a gorgeous, gorgeous cake – but I am flipping out about gradiated. I can’t come up with a spot on replacement, but gradient, something, please, anything other than gradiated. Is it just me? It is setting off all my spidey ‘that’s not a real word’ senses.

    • Hehe, I had the same thought – it ran along the lines of graduated colours? colour gradients?

      Then I thought oooh cake! and got distracted

      • Apparently two people on urban dictionary think gradiated means “The process of graduating highschool/college/university based upon physical merit alone. ” And at least one person thinks gradiate is “the unofficial verb of gradient, often used in image manipulation.” That second one sounds more on point to me. Oh, the internet.

        Also, AMAZING CAKE!

  2. Meh, I’d just call it a fancy-pants color-changing cake! Or just AWESOME. how about that?

    (I may need to put this one in the inspiration file…mmmmm colorful cake.)

  3. I am sending this to Future Hubbs immediately and I will demand that we figure out a way to incorporate this awesomeness into our cake.
    I can see it now! Purple> Red > Orange… Oh, I think I’m in loooove! <3

  4. Oooh, pretty! So cool! 🙂
    My first thought was “OMG, it’s like that cake is wearing a Wai-Ching dress!”

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