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Stiltskin's Spindle is a new wedding design company based in Canada and serving the globe. As the name suggests, Stiltskin's Spindle offers the nontraditional wedding seeker a selection of dresses inspired by fairy tales, fantasy, and historical periods that, as we all know, aren't normally seen in the standard wedding dress boutique. Their designs focus on bold patterns, extravagant looks, and they top it all off with some pretty incredible photo shoots. You're guys are going to loooooove these…

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All their designs are developed in house, and the dresses are all hand made to gorgeous perfection. I mean check out that beauty pictured above — the Cella dress comes in a various color combinations AND it has pockets. It's pretty much to die for.

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Talk about a fairy tale wedding dress, wow, the Dulcima dress is straight out of Grimm's fairy tale classics. It comes in this beautiful green color and has options for a white wedding dress.

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Okay, this hot and spicy number is AWESOME! The Sita dress comes in fuscia, indigo, white and pale pink and it's two dresses in one — when you're ready to party, rip off the the bottom four detachable layers and dance the night away.

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“It's our belief that not every bride's ‘fairy tale' wedding turns out the same way or even comes from the same book.” —Stiltskin's Spindle

And you wanna hear something cool? The dresses start at under $900. (Note that all the prices on their site are listed in Canadian!) So yeah, head over to Stiltskin's Spidle's website right now and go meet your new favorite dress designer!

UPDATE: Stiltskin's Spindle is having a Fall Wedding sale from now until September 14th. Everything is 20%! So that amazing Cella dress is currently selling for $1199.99 CAD for the duration of the sale.

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Comments on Breathtaking fairytale wedding dresses from Stiltskin’s Spindle

  1. First…dress….want! Stripes and tea-length and coat and bows and and AND!

  2. OK, so that Dulcima gown has just totally ruined all of my already decided plans for how I want my wedding to be. I no longer wish to be wed in a tea-length cream colored gown. It’s empire from here on out.

  3. Seriously… too die for! Canadian (like me) photos that make me want to jump into them, models that look like they actually eat and are uber glam…… love these dresses. Well chosen company to allow advertisement space!

  4. I’m in total love with the cella dress! Too bad it’s $500.00 over my budget 🙁

  5. I second what Just Me said — ack, I thought I had finalized my gown but now…must…not…open..PayPal account…to get…these…beauties….

  6. OMG I just love these pictures! Most wedding dress pictures are just some bored looking girl in front of a bored looking wall. These have so much depth to them, like it came right out of a movie set or something. I just love looking at them!

  7. Wow! The dresses are remarkable, and the photography is just stunning – the composition… my hat is off to whoever put these together. Beautiful scenes for beautiful brides. And that Cella dress… *guh*

    Another suggestion for fans of fairy tales, Grimm or otherwise: Disney Bridal. While the full-on bridal gowns tend toward the traditional princess pouf (and the pricier end of the spectrum), many of the “Maidens” (Bridesmaids) dresses are unique, affordable, and come in a range of rich colors.

    I haven’t commented before and am hoping it’s okay to suggest a similar product, if only for admiration’s sake. It’s always a pleasure to see fairy tale-inspired attire, especially of such high quality. *goes back to looking at Cella dress*

  8. Just a note. The Cella dress is listed a fair bit above $900, it’s $1499.99, in fact. I loved the idea of great (Canadian) dresses priced below $900!

  9. WOW. Just WOW. That Cella dress has totally blown me away. May have to alter my £600 budget slightly, and worry about shipping… totally worth it.

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