Make your own offbeat snowglobes for favors & decor

Guest post by Jessica Charlton
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Snowglobes are super rad. I Iove making 'em just as much as I love shaking 'em. Here is a quick tutorial on waterless snowglobes. If you want to put water in your globes, Martha Herself has a tutorial. But here's how the Offbeat DIY Editor rocks her some Martha-inspired crafts.

What you'll need:

Here's how it's done:

Massage that clay
Unwrap one package of sculpey clay and form into a mound that is at least 1.5″ tall and fits easily within the rim of the jar. The clay will stay the exact same size during the baking process, so there is no need to over or under-estimate with size.

Bake the clay
Place clay mounds on a baking sheet and follow baking instructions on the packaging. Let these cool completely, at least 30 minutes, before handling again.

Apply hot glue liberally to the bottom of the baked clay, immediately press into center of the lid
Squeeze a liberal amount of hot glue onto the bottom of the baked, cooled clay mounds and apply to the inside of the lid.

Choose some small characters
Now, grab some small plastic toys. I picked these guys up at a charity thrift store for a dollar.

Glue the bottom of the toys onto the top of the baked clay
Select the right toy for you and hot glue the bottom to the top of the mound. (Please note Pelvic-Thrust Batman.)

Put about three heaping tablespoons of glitter in the jar
Pour at least three tablespoons of glitter into the bottom of the jar.

Screw the lid tightly onto the jar and shake
After cooling for at least 30 minutes, screw the lid toy-down onto the glitter-filled jar.

Then enjoy shaking it up!

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Comments on Make your own offbeat snowglobes for favors & decor

  1. You forgot the step of adding the water D= … Unless I can’t see it on my phone

    • These are waterless snowglobes, but there’s a link in the article for the ones with water.

  2. I’m using these for my december wedding this year. I found great glitter covered leaves of different color in cleance at joannes and Micheals. if your lucky you can still find some. I made a practice one with red and turquoise leaves and it looks so fancy lol.

  3. This is really cute! I don’t see using it at my wedding but I think these would make great gifts for a birthday or Christmas. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yay snow globes! Not to take away from the fun DIY-ness, but my dad read about snow globes being sold cheap at a TSA-owned store near our airport, where they sell items confiscated from travelers. He got 27 Texas-themed snow globes for our Texas-themed wedding for $27. Fun!

  5. Ooooooh the possibilities! I’m hoping to grow Chia Pets and use them for my centerpieces, but I may make some of these to theme the tables more specifically.

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