DIY custom wedding day piñatas

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crayfish pinata alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Tribesmaid erinmcq wanted to have an Awesome Wedding Piñata.

Sadly, the options at the party store did nothing for either of us, and the usual “Coat a balloon in papier-mache!” method didn't seem likely to render a suitably Awesome result.

So she hacked a few different online tutorials, and now she's sharing how she made the crayfish-tastic custom piñata over on Offbeat Home!

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Comments on DIY custom wedding day piñatas

  1. We did the papier mache version for ours! we’re almost finished making a dinosaur pinata for our reception, it’s gonna be pretty Rawr-some!

  2. OMG, when I first saw the headline for this post in my inbox, I thought it said “DIY Custom Wedding Day Panties.” hahaha

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