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Wedding guest book alternative • Canvas Custom portrait cartoon with pets

This CUSTOM COUPLE PORTRAIT guest book is a fun alternative to a traditional wedding guest book, that your guests will actually love signing! It features a cartoon illustration of the happy couple, created from your photos and description. The artwork will be completely customized to look just like the two of you, including hairstyles, clothing, […]

This hometown engagement session is perfect for Netflix + cats couples (like most of us!)

This at-home engagement session is perfect for Netflix + pets couples (like most of us!)

Jade and Matt have been together for ten years, they live together, and they didn’t need the traditional engagement shoot. The stereotypical couple poses just didn’t really represent who they are and where they are in life… and we know many Offbeat Bride readers relate! They decided to document a more typical day for them, plus some shots of them exploring of their city, Atlanta — and some fun kitty-themed props. This led to a really intimate and far more real-feeling engagement session…

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Emma & Kevin’s Muppets-and-raccoon-lovers’ elopement day of fun

This super-intimate secret engagement took place in front of a giant window mid-morning, and the rest of the day was chock full of fun times. Candy store posing, arcade playing, and the tallest Ferris wheel in Canada? Yes, please! Let’s tag along like raccoons and peek as these two muppets take on married life: day 1.

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Camels and puppies and Muppets, OH MY!

Let’s get real: I know I’m not the only person who is obsessed with my little critter. Animals are freakin’ awesome, so naturally many of you have found ways to include those furry loved ones in your wedding. So this Monday Montage is dedicated to them bitches.

cat in wedding alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Paying homage to your pets when they have to be MIA on your wedding day

Orbital199 posed a great question about how to incorporate their cat who will not be present on their wedding day. Keep reading to see, and contribute to, the ideas that I came up with.

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Your new favorite wedding video, featuring singing puppets (plus puppies and goats)

It’s been a long time since I featured wedding puppetry. So I couldn’t resist this video, which offbeat couple Lauren and Michael produced and played at their Chicago wedding — featuring puppet versions of themselves (plus puppies and goats) and a song that will be stuck in your head all day…