Use colorful yarn pom-poms as aisle decor

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 | Photography by Alex & Cammy Photography
Use colorful yarn pom-poms as aisle decor
Photo by Alex & Cammy Photography

Remember Kimber and Kaylee's super colorful and boho chic wedding? It's always so worth revisiting, especially for the decor. One tiny detail that we loved (which you could totally DIY) is the yarn pom-pom aisle decor.

Here's what Kimber said about the project:

Although the environment itself was breathtaking, we spent two months making around 400 yarn pom-poms attached to skewers to line the aisle. I wanted to infuse color in as many ways as I could.

Use colorful yarn pom-poms as aisle decor

So adorable! You could snag some pre-made pom-poms from Etsy or Amazon, or make them yourself, of course, if you've got the time.

And if you've got extra, string them into garland, add them to your bouquet, or re-use them as cat toys after the wedding. Bonuses all around!

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