Serve snow cones at your reception

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Snow cones are a favorite icy treat worldwide, and with good reason. They're cooling, customizable, delicious, and are pretty cost-effective. Julia and Kory and Alysa and Ansell each had a Sno-Kone machine at their receptions. We need more snow cones in our wedding futures… and maybe right now, too.

If you're having a small wedding, one of these smaller machines might have you covered, but if you're serving more than a few, go for a rental or a bigger machine. Then get ready to eat some sugary snow, carnival-style!


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Comments on Serve snow cones at your reception

  1. I’ve been planning snowcones at my wedding since before I was engaged 2.5 years ago! Growing up (and even now when I get my hands on some) my tongue was almost always blue from my favorite flaver, blue raspberry. It seems only right that they make an appearance at one of the most important days of my life.

  2. What a great idea for a warm summer wedding! You could match the flavors to your wedding colors!

  3. THANK YOU, Offbeat Bride! Everyone thinks I’m either joking or crazy when I say I want to have snow cones at my wedding. I think it’s the greatest idea ever.

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