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    How I cater to offbeat weddings

    Quirky Love caters to all sorts of folks in love. We DEFINITELY aren’t for typical folks.

    Here’s a few things we stand by:

    Thing 1.  🌈LGBTQIA2S+ folks are ALWAYS welcome and loved here. Period. 🌈

    Thing 2. ‘Traditions’ are meant to be broken 🙂 Or at the very least questioned.

    Hey, if you want to throw a garter, or have your partner fish it out with their teeth – awesome! It makes for some pretty wicked photos.

    BUT… all that stuff? The cake-cutting photo, the first dances… the bouquet toss… the first look…

    These are traditions YOU can choose to include or ditch on YOUR wedding day.

    Thing 3. Your wedding photos are NOT created to get Instagram likes.

    Okay, we get it – IG likes make us all feel better, and our photos are AWESOME, so they will likely blow people away and get you some likes. BUT… IG likes are not why you’re getting married! And they’re definitely why we’re taking the best photographs possible.

    We take photographs that you’ll look at when you’re old and grey, hand in hand, perusing your wedding album. Photos that will make you laugh and cry and FEEL.

    Thing 4. The word “flattering” is toxic. 

    Yep. You heard us. We won’t try to make flattering photos. Because we fundamentally believe that as a concept, flattering is TOXIC.

    To prove our point, we regularly post selfies of our double chins and all sorts of other conventionally “unflattering” things.

    Recently, we bought a pair of ginormous sunglasses that someone felt the need to DM us to tell us was “unflattering” on our face.

    Hm… Guess what?

    We love those glasses – they make us feel silly and childlike, and playful.

    We think you should do whatever makes YOU feel playful and happy, on your wedding day, and every day!

    P.S. This was written by Viara Mileva, head honcho over at Quirky Love. I say “we”, because we are really a team! We’re an all female, queer-positive team based in Kingston, and serving all of Southern Ontario! Check out the team here!


    “You made me feel seen, comfortable and at ease every step of the way before and during my wedding day and looking at the photos you produced brings back the joy of the day all over again.”

    we offer 25% off to folks wanting to get married in any type of the following awesome settings: Costco/Walmart/Canadian Tire/Home Depot/Loblaws, any mall or shopping centre, or theatre hall/cinema.

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