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    Create an original ceremony that goes beyond what the traditional wedding industry offers you, a ceremony that is rooted in your identities, experiences, and values. Whether you are secular, interfaith, intercultural, LGBTQ+, or just don't want a cookie-cutter ceremony, I can help.

    On a day that celebrates such an important moment in your life, each couple deserves a ceremony that reflects their values, experiences, and identities without compromise or apology. Through your wedding, you not only offer the people around you a taste of the world you want to live in – you invite them to help make it a reality.

    We can design a ceremony from scratch or tailor a simple ceremony script to reflect you. For more details, check out the overview of my services.

    For more information, visit billhulseman.com.

    How I cater to offbeat weddings

    Early on as an officiant, I was deeply bothered by the heteronormative, gendered, and classist values perpetuated by the wedding industry, so I tried to effect a shift toward more authentic and more inclusive practices anywhere I could. When it came time for my own wedding, I found out how powerful experiencing a ceremony that reflected us and the world we want to shape, one that didn’t force us to compromise or assimilate, could be. I want other couples to have that experience, too.

    A wedding marks a change in your lives, but it’s also an opportunity to change the world. You don’t have to use traditional or popular customs – you can design an experience that truly reflects you. When I work with you, I start with your experiences, your values, your identities to help you identify practices that are meaningful to you and that will invite the friends and family who surround you to help build a world that celebrates and reflects everything you are. We’ll create an experience that is beautiful, joyful, and impactful, and that will change your friends’ perceptions of what a wedding – and the world – can be.

    I spend a lot of time thinking about the customs we inherit and the values they carry with them. If you’re interested in exploring with me, follow me on Medium or check out these essays:

    “Bill was a thoughtful guide at our ceremony, leading our friends and family as active participants in our vows and commitment. He facilitates with a beautiful and serene energy that invites everyone to open their hearts to the experience.”

    “Everything was so great and we really appreciate how you brought it together so much. You really helped make it one of the best days of my life. Thank you!”

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