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11 geeky ring boxes that will make your nerdy lover say YES [Updated for 2022!]

Whether you’re proposing to your gamer/bookish/cosplaying partner or need a geeky ring box to carry your nerdy wedding rings down the aisle, these geeky ring boxes will totally do the job. Are you a Potterphile? A Whovian? An member of the Rebel Alliance? Or maybe you’ve full embraced Pokemon Go. Either way, there’s a geeky ring box in your future. It’s dangerous to go alone. Take these…

This subtle Legend of Zelda wedding inspiration will teleport you to a fancy-pants Hyrule

This subtle Link and Zelda wedding inspiration will teleport you to a fancy-pants Hyrule

An ethereal and sophisticated Link and Zelda wedding inspiration shoot? Oh hell yes, It’s always amazing when geeks go super chic. Everything from the leafy paper goods, wooden ocarina, “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone. Take This” seating chart, Triforce symbol escort cards, and greens and stone colors everywhere, evoked the Legend of Zelda. Even the rings are Triforce-inspired. Oh, and don’t miss the chairs! On the groom’s chair is a sign that reads, “My Hero” with inscribed notes to the “Song of Time” and on the bride’s, “My Princess” with notes to “Zelda’s Lullaby.”

Non-dancing reception activities that bring your guests together

Bring everyone together with these collaborative non-dancing reception activities

“When planning our smaller wedding, we defaulted to dancing as the reception activity since that’s usually what happens, but it’s not really what we’d do for fun. We’d like to have another kind of activity that brings us together as a community. Any suggestions?”

Non-dancing receptions are becoming pretty common in offbeat circles, so it’s no wonder folks are considering different kinds of activities. I scoured our archives and did some brainstorming to see what non-dancing reception activities would bring your guests together. Here are some ideas…

Vault Boy approves of this gamer Fallout video game-themed wedding

Vault Boy approves of these gamers’ Fallout wedding

Erin and Jordan took a favorite post-apocalyptic video game, Fallout, and rocked it as a killer wedding theme. This Fallout wedding took place at a hundred-year-old clock tower which served as both the ceremony and reception site. Don’t miss the Fallout-themed decor like a giant Vault Boy, Nuka-Cola posters and art, cap stashes, bottle caps, Rad-X and Buffout centerpieces, and even an “Enjoy Vault Living” guest book poster.

Super nerdy wedding invitations

Count the fandoms that hide in these awesomely nerdy wedding invitations

Natasha’s epic Pokémon proposal rocked our nerdy worlds, so when we saw her custom video game-themed and nerdy wedding invitations, we had to share. They intertwined Mario, Doctor Who, Sailor Moon, World of Warcraft, Harry Potter, and Pokémon! Here’s the scoop on how it came about…

An elegant Legend of Zelda gamer wedding for pixel fiends

An elegant Legend of Zelda gamer wedding for pixel fiends

“Trey and I are both avid gamers, but we both agree that the Legend of Zelda was what started it all for us both. Especially after we found the perfect venue: an actual frickin' castle!” Cue all sorts of video game details to spot at this Zelda-themed gamer wedding.