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Thinking of wearing your All-Stars at your wedding? We’ve featured lots of brides and grooms wearing Converse shoes over the years… everybody especially loves custom Converse!

wedding mocassins alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Wedding moccasins and 5 other shoes for brides who don’t give a shit about shoes

I asked some Offbeat Bride readers on Facebook what I should focus my next shoe post on, and one of them said: “What about a post for brides who don’t give a shit about shoes? I was one of those brides. I ended up with a pair of $19.99 moccasins. They were functional, comfortable, cheap, and got the job (aka not being barefoot) done.”

You know what? This is an excellent idea.

Star Wars wedding @offbeatbride

When Star Wars and Back to the Future met for Rachel & Matthew’s wedding

A surprise Delorean time machine for the groom, a processional with Darth Vader for the bride, a custom kitty-loving cake topper, and so many Stormtroopers — this geeky wedding is stealing our hearts. Back to the Future and Star Wars have never looked so good together. Don’t miss the bride’s adorable Irregular Choice shoes, the movie-themed centerpieces, and the Zumba dances at the reception.

15170963871 bf6843d910 b alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Courtney & Kelly’s tarot and caricatures travel-themed wedding

Travel, food, and FUN: these are the ingredients of this loving and adorable wedding between two gorgeous ladies. Add in some cost-saving measures, the shoe game, a globe guest book, amazing catering, a tarot card reader, and even a caricature artist, and how could it not be amazingly fun? Don’t miss the Bigfoot cake toppers and vow reference!

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Red and black rockabilly for days at Jessica & Tim’s wedding

DIYed centerpieces never looked so fine with red and black accents. Add in the rockabilly fashion, the custom Converse, gorgeous high-ceiling venue, and hand-painted wine ceremony box, and you’ve got a modern chic rockabilly vibe. Don’t miss the last-minute cake cutting tool and the sweet, emotional flower girl. Tears!

16942230659 634b99da03 c alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

When Daleks and the Sith sabotaged a wedding: Lore & Martin’s theatrical wedding

This wedding is blowing our collective minds with its extensive ceremony plotline about Daleks and the Sith plotting to ruin the wedding, groomsmen being impaled, the bride entering with a katana, a wild battle right at the altar… this is required reading, you guys. Just wait until you see the bride’s handmade embroidered musical notes gown, too!

16012953130 3114e9d769 b alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Kristin & Brian rock polka dots and Ouija at their vintage-inspired Autumn wedding

Polka dots, vintage kitsch Halloween, a surprise Luchador… this gorgeous, vintage-inspired wedding has so much happening. Don’t miss the bride’s last-minute Converse switch and adorable glasses, and the wedding party’s awesome fashion. And you’ll never guess what the flower girl threw instead of flowers.