Fairy nipple flowers & Khaleesi dresses: My Monique Lhuillier surprise visit

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That time I ended up in Monique Lhuillier by surprise... and a great fucking time!
That time I ended up in Monique Lhuillier by surprise…

This last weekend, one of my (only) girl friends, Kimmy, (you might remember her from her live music-playing bohemian dream wedding) took me out for a day of wedding dress shopping. I knew she was taking me to a dress shop in LA that is filled with non-traditional dress options. But what I didn't know is that she made a surprise appointment for me at Monique Lhuillier.

Now, like anyone with eyeballs and an appreciation of the art of fashion, I loves me some Monique Lhuillier. But ME, a ratty little tomboy, in a Monique Lhullier? The thought made me laugh.

In fact, I felt like an interloper as I sat in the waiting room for the attendant that was eventually going to kick me out of the store for my pants not being of the fancy varietal… and probably for saying “fuck” too much.

But, what happened really surprised me…

It was so much fucking fun.

We spent hours trying on dresses with an attendant who… I won't say didn't stumble at bit at first, but then she rebounded and went in for a few sweet slam dunks.

After I told her that, no, I'd like to keep my black boots on, because I'd likely be wearing them or something similar, and then corrected her when she assumed I'd be carrying a bouquet instead of my iPhone in a super-cool new case (or something), a lightbulb seem to go off and she said, “Have you ever heard of Offbeat Bride?”


After much squeeing was had, she went on to tell me how Offbeat Bride saved her on a few occasions. She particularly found the ceremony scripts, and my advice about mothers really helpful. But mostly, she immediately got what I was going for.

And she found me some dresses that I really liked!

I'm not sure where the hell they came from, because they certainly weren't displayed in The Room of White Fluff and Beading, but when she re-appeared, she brought back a lot of really cool alterna-wedding dresses.

There was one that was an awesome dark grey with cream flowers. I loved the silhouette on me, but I wasn't crazy about the flowers and the fabric of it all…

Strapless Bonded Lace High-Low Gown
Strapless Bonded Lace High-Low Gown

There was a two piece that I think I looked super-sexy in. But, if I'm gonna rock a corset top, I'm gonna rock a corset from one of our amazing vendors

This is me explaining that I'm finding this piddly corset wanting.
This is me explaining that I'm finding this piddly corset wanting.

I even indulged my girliest of girl friends, Kimmy, and put on a dress fit for a fairy princess. It had glittery thread. It had the thinnest of straps. It had the whispiest of tulle. It also had these weird nipple flowers…?

No seriously, who thought up this "fairy obscene" flower placement?
No seriously, who thought up this “fairy obscene” flower placement?

Then there was one I loved the most. It gave me some strong Khaleesi vibes! (This statement lost on both Kimmy AND the bridal attendant. Sigh.)

This is totally a dress that Daenerys Targaryen could wear to her next wedding (like to freaking Jon Snow perhaps!???)
This is totally a dress that Daenerys Targaryen could wear to her next wedding (like to freaking Jon Snow perhaps!???)

While I totally didn't find THEE DRESS on this outing, I did pick up a ton of ideas that I never had before.


  • The concept of “breakaway skirts” — a big poofy tulle skirt that you can just tie around your waist and then remove for the reception.
  • I don't like giant floral patterns for me.
  • A hi-low dress may be the way to go.
  • Dove grey looks great with purple hair.
  • I think I might want to rock a birdcage veil.
  • Monique Lhuillier makes some super-cool alternative styles!
  • I do not want nipple flowers.

Anyone else find themselves at a more traditional bridal shop? Was your mind blown by it? Or maybe not “blown” per se, but did you find some unexpected inspiration?

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Comments on Fairy nipple flowers & Khaleesi dresses: My Monique Lhuillier surprise visit

  1. What was the non traditional dress shop you were originally planning on going to?

  2. This whole article was just really adorable and made me giggle. Especially that last sentiment about nipple flowers. <3

  3. Oh em ghee! That Kahleesi dress!!! I’ve been married for years and want to do it all again just for a dress like that…..but come to think of it, there’s no reason I couldn’t’ rock a dress like that just because….

    I remember dress shopping with a girlfriend of mine and going to David’s Bridal and Alfred Angelo. AA had a beautiful red dress that wasn’t quite The One, and DB had some beautiful dresses, but none of them were quite for me. It was so much fun getting to try on all those dresses and playing Pretty Pretty Princess, though.

    • Apparently that dress is known there as a Mother of the Bride dress(!?). But when I was wearing it, I was like, dude I could totally rock this dress to OTHER peoples’ weddings, and no one would know it was a “wedding dress.”

  4. So, this post has managed to come up in my feed three times today (just isn’t getting makes as read) and every time I drool again over how badass you look in that last dress.

    The Offbeat Bride comment made my day too, I imagine that interaction being amazing.

  5. I love all of these *heart eyes forever*

    I totally want a corset-and-massive-tulle-skirt combo when the time comes. The issue might be finding someone who does them in pastel blue! Encouraging that traditional stores might have these hiding in the back though!

    • That sounds like something Cleo and Clementine on Etsy could do, if you went the online option (she did my taupe tulle dress, she dyes them herself)

      I love the nipple flower dress, but once you’ve noticed that, it’s all over! 😀

      • What!? How did I not know about Cleo and Clementine until now!? Thank you for sharing that with me.

        And yes, once I pointed out the nipple flowers everyone went from “OMG Awwwwww!” to “Ohhhhhhh my god.”

  6. I had a somewhat opposite experience. I went to a traditional shop looking for a non-traditional dress (something tea length, possibly purple). Found a few that I LOVED but in the end they felt like really gorgeous prom dresses. I never thought I’d end up getting married in a pure white, silk taffeta, mermaid dress. But. I did 🙂

  7. Ahaha, I tried on a dress that had nipple flowers too! The (super nice) bridal shop owner took one look at me in it and said, “No. Go try on the next one.”

  8. “Have you ever heard of Offbeat Bride?”
    ” Daenerys Targaryen could wear to her next wedding (like to freaking Jon Snow perhaps!???)”
    From your lips to George RR Martin’s ears. I ‘ship those two so hard.
    Of course that means one of them will have to die at the reception…

  9. I never liked the idea of wedding dress shopping/wedding dress shops (especially as when I got engaged, the only shop near me was called Krystal Brides and favoured a type of dress I named the swarovski meringue o.o ) but I’ve recently found a friend (actually my brother’s fiance!) who shares my offbeat wedding ideas and we’re pretty stoked to hunt out the all alternative dresses we can find. There’s an eclectic wedding fair happening in Birmingham this april and we really want to go – especially as Rosie Red Couture and Corsetry will be there!

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