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Lots of people love wedding cake, but there's a big world of potential wedding desserts out there — including mini pies! Laura and David opted to serve these tiny treats at their Southern hippie wedding. The best part? There were tons of pies leftover, so guests got to take plenty of them home.

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Comments on Feed your friends mini pies

  1. Pie! We are getting married on Pi Day and the obvious choice of food was pie. Never thought of minis, though. Score!

    • We’re also having our ceremony on Pi Day, and are planning on having several sizes of mini pies (tart sized up to a small but more substantial, personal size) so that we can fulfill the “each attendee must have their own pi(e)” rule of the traditional Pi Day party without totally breaking the bank on tons of full-size pies.

      • There’s a Pi Day tradition? The things I didn’t know! This works perfectly, then – we’ll probably do two big pies in lieu of the cake, and lots of little pies so everyone can enjoy a variety. Our baker will have her hands full, since we need wheat-free, vegan and Halaal options, too. What sort of diameter is a “personal size”? About a quarter of a normal pie?

    • Technically, the crust. A pie crust has less sugar, and a rolled tart crust tastes a little more like a cookie. Tarts can be large or small. Non-technically, the pies I’ve made have tended to have a heavier filling than my tarts. I don’t know if that’s a rule or just a coincidence!

  2. We’re doing mini pies too and couldn’t be more thrilled about it. We agreed to have one full size pie to cut for tradition’s sake, but are definitely stoked about the minis. Neither of us is a cake person, and who likes waiting for cake to be cut up and passed out anyway? This ways guests can dive right in, and have the option to try multiple flavors without any guilt about “eating too much dessert.” Pfft. Like such a feeling exists.

  3. not to be a neigh-sayer, but I have to say — I dislike mini pies. Real pies have less crust and more gooey filling! That said, rock what works for you!

  4. I was present at this wedding (lucky to be one of the lovely bride’s bridesmaids) and the pies were FANTASTIC. Large bitesizes and we took a few home with us. Plus they had these cute almost Chinese takeout styled boxes to carry them home in. Adorbs. :]

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