Create gorgeous place cards for free with leaves

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leaf place cards

Hey, do you need place cards for your table, but don't want to spend ANY money on them? Then you're going to want to steal this idea from Hannah and Mick's wedding in Bali

  1. Grab a paint pen.
  2. Scavenge for pretty leaves.
  3. Then write your guest's name on the leaves!

Place cards on the cheap and pretty. Done.

If leaves aren't your fancy, that's cool: we have a whole archive devoted to brilliant place card ideas.

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Comments on Create gorgeous place cards for free with leaves

  1. A friend of mine did this for her wedding last fall and it turned out really beautiful. She didn’t use fresh leaves, though, she did some laminating magic on fallen ones.

  2. LOVE this idea too, so much that we’ve started sourcing different trees locally and assigning the job collector job to a family member. Thanks for this great looking and budget friendly place card!

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