Build a guest book from Jenga blocks

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Jenga Guest book

Have guests write little guest book notes to you on the sides of Jenga blocks to build up a tower of love. This is exactly what Devon and Michelle did at their pirate-themed wedding at a bowling alley. A game guest book fit like a glove.

Choose permanent markers (like Sharpies) in your wedding colors or ALL THE COLORS, and have enough Jenga sets to accommodate your guest list. There are even specialty sets like this Nightmare Before Christmas set. Then it's Jenga time!

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Comments on Build a guest book from Jenga blocks

  1. This is possibly the best thing, ever.
    I love the idea of a useful guestbook, and this would make Jenga somehow even more fun.

  2. I did this! I saw it on the Devon and Michelle post and thought it was the best idea EVER!!! So, I stole (which is fitting because theirs WAS a pirate wedding).
    I think it went pretty well. Most of my quests decorated/signed a block, some did more than one. One little girl worked very hard at covering every square millimeter on the two blocks she decorated with color. You can see her in the background of several photos from the reception, diligently coloring away in deep concentration. Another guest, who is working on publishing a graphic novel, decorated a couple with things like, “Save this, and sell it when I’m famous.”
    Also, we were expecting about 80 guests. A Jenga set has 56 blocks, so I bought two sets. In the end, I had 65 colored blocks…so our lifetime Jenga set will be extra tall. I gave the extras to my mom for her grandchild playroom.

  3. hate to be a pooper, but a friend of mine did this and over time the marker bled so much you can hardly make out the names anymore. wood does that.

    • This gives me a lot of questions.
      Am I going to go home and see what other writing implements mark on Jenga blocks for the sake of the Empire?
      If I remember to do it, yes.

    • Yeah, I imagine if you’re planning this you’d want to investigate ways to preserve/seal it.

    • Would going over all the blocks with a wood burning tool work to mitigate that? Only over text or drawings, of course, not if someone has colored an entire block… But that’s a LOT of work. I’m considering pre-painting generic jenga blocks in white, turquoise, and gold and having guests use just a black or brown sharpie – then when I go over it with a wood burner, it will essentially look the same and still have high contrast. Not sure about what paint/stain to use that wouldn’t flake off over time or warp the wood in any way though.

  4. The generic version of Jenga is just blank blocks, so you wouldn’t have to work around the branding.

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