Bret and Tera’s amazingly lucky and surreal honeymoon in Belize

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We saw Bret and Tera's fun and funky casual literary DIY wedding, now let's travel to Belize with them on their sexy honeymoon!


Honeymooners: Bret and Tera

Type: International travel

Budget: Midrange ($1000-$5000)

DSC02633Where did you go? We stayed at Chaa Creek in Belize. It's located just outside of San Ignacio Town on the Macal River. We chose to go to Belize for a multitude of reasons, but the most relevant is that we won the trip in a contest. I'd studied Belize pretty intensively in elementary school and so that's why we were inclined to enter. Reading things on paper and watching documentaries is one thing; climbing an ancient limestone structure is another entirely. I wanted this so bad that after we lost the contest the first time we entered, I followed (read: stalked) the blog doing the contest, and waited for the next opportunity to come around. The second time was the charm and it felt amazing.

In the words of our contest entry, via husbandface:

DSC02487“We looked at options, we browsed hotels, and we thought we might just stay in the city. It'd be a lot cheaper than airfare. And now we don't have to. This feels like it isn't just a chance, but a reality. We don't have to stay in the city we were born in, raised in, and have lived in all our lives.

We want to dive into a new possibility, and give ourselves not just another way to remember our marriage, but dozens of memories of how we kicked it off. We want to get our feet wet, and we don't want to ever forget it.”

Outdoor shower.

What did you do? Our first day there, we essentially took showers, updated relatives that we weren't dead, ate dinner, and passed out. Then, we had a spa day, which resulted in husbandface being super shy about the kind spa workers accidentally seeing his genitals.


The next day was our crowded day: we got up at 5:30 and went swimming, went to breakfast at 7, went to Xunantunich at 7:30, came back to the hotel for lunch, talked to one of the owners for a bit, went mountain biking, and then in the evening we went canoeing before dinner.


The next day, we went zip lining. We were supposed to go cave tubing as well, but the river flooded and it wasn't safe to go in the caves. That was a damn long drive for just zip lining. The rest of that day was spent reading, napping, drinking, and shooting noodz.


On the last day of our trip, we hung out, took nature pictures, bought souvenirs, and filmed super 8. Oh, and somewhere in there, we also released a butterfly, took massive amounts of underwater pictures, and fornicated a bunch.


What's your best travel advice for other offbeat honeymooners? Remember to pack bug spray! We forgot ours and paid dearly for it. Sunscreen was a life saver.


Don't discount experiences because they're “tourist-y.” I'm very much inclined to do just that, but I didn't on this trip and had more fun than pretty much ever before.


Don't over schedule your time. The time we spent together just hanging out was some of the most fun we've ever had and if we would've booked something to do instead, we would've missed out on that.

Try new things, do your best to learn (even if it's just something new about your spouse), eat great food, play, laugh, make new friends, let go of minor annoyances, fuck, and most of all, live in the moment.

Also, enter contests. 🙂

Enough tips, show me the Belize photos!:

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  1. You guys are the cuuuuutests. I’m so glad you won that contest, y’all totally deserved it.

  2. I’m getting married in August and going to Belize on my honeymoon as well!

  3. Yaayyy! This couple’s wedding has always been one of my favorites that I’ve seen on offbeatbride. I’m so glad that there was a follow-up with them! And so glad that they won their honeymoon. Deservedly so, since their caterer didn’t show up to their wedding. Some bad luck and some good luck, eh?

  4. I was about to ask, “what about all the boning, you guyz?!”. Then I saw the fornicating bit, and it all was okay.

    Sounds amazing, y’all. Nice work.

  5. You filmed super 8 on your honeymoon, and studied Belize “intensively” in *elementary* school? You are the coolest person, of all time.

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