Have your guests sign postcards as your guest book

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One detail I loved from Lisa and Kevin's garden party comfort food wedding (outside of their amazing menu!) was their postcard guest book. Kevin is a comic book lover, so they had comic book ostcards on which the guests could write a personal note.

Postcards are great because they come in a flavor for every interest: classic book covers, vintage Halloween, Doctor Who, and even fake news from The Onion.

Grab yourself a wire card rack (or this cute hearts holder!) and your guest book is done.

After you've collected them, they could be put into an album, made into a poster, or even left in the rack for a little conversation-starter at home.

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Comments on Have your guests sign postcards as your guest book

  1. We had a picture of us made up of thousands of photos of us in a mosiac blown up with wall around it on canvas and all the guests wrote little messages to us on the wall. It’s now hanging in our living room, I love looking at it and reading the messages 🙂

  2. My ceremony venue is a little museum that specializes in postcards, so this is the perfect idea for us! we have vintage -style “town name” postcard save the dates. I thought about having each guest bring a postcard from their area to the wedding, is that a lot to ask? I know that most people will forget so we plan to have a lot on hand as well.

  3. LOVE. THIS. Suggested it to my fiancé and he is feeling it too. We plan on having table settings based on different movies/books/etc, so we’re thinking we could scatter the postcards at each table according to the theme – for example, Harry Potter postcards for the Harry Potter table, Star Trek postcards for the Star Trek table, etc.

    Question: where did these come from? Or are they home-made?? Finding geeky themed postcards is proving more difficult than I anticipated and I don’t believe I have the craftiness to pull it off as DIY…

    ETA: Ooof, it is right there in the link where they come from. Off to find some more…

  4. Oh my goodness, stealing this idea! I just did a quick search on Amazon.ca, and there are a bunch of options! Like Pixar postcards! And they’re typically under $20 for 100, which would be plenty for our guestbook! 😀

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