Amber’s two weddings — one pagan handfasting, one all-American BBQ

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In Offbeat Bride, I talk about the concept of having two weddings — this couple took that concept to the extreme! Opposites really do attract — and get married.

Amber two weddings alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
The offbeat bride: Amber, Cosmetologist

My offbeat groom: Scott, Construction worker

Location & date of wedding: Two locations in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2006: a friend's home on The 4th of July, and in a park for Beltane with a maypole.

King and Queen of the May

What made our wedding offbeat: We had two weddings, mine and his. Mine was a pagan handfasting ceremony on Beltane, complete with fairies and a maypole and a priestess named Heron.

fairy conference

His was a patriotic 4th of July bar-b-que, complete with surprising American Flag ensemble.

american flag wedding dress

Our biggest challenge: Wondering if all the American flags would clash in the pictures was my fear. My husband to be did not know that I had such an extravagant wedding dress. He thought that it would just be white. Boy did he get an eyeful when I came down the stairway of my friend's home!

Breathe Breathe !!

My favorite moment: Being wrapped in the maypole at the Handfasting — and my soon-to-be husband's eyes when he saw me coming down the stairs on the 4th of July!

Sitting pretty

My offbeat advice: Disregard the negative comments that your family may make and do what you want!

Fireworks !!

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn:

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  1. I’m so bummed that some of the pictures are private. I wanted to get a better look at your BBQ dress!

    • I BEG YOU TO TELL ME WHERE YOU GOT THE DRESS!? I have searched the internet and cannot find the source…PLEEEZZE!!

  2. I'm late to the party, but how did you get that maypole to work? It's enormous.

  3. […] Amber and her American flag wedding dress is one great example of an offbeat bride with an aesthetic opposite from mine … but I loved that she split her wedding into two: half pagan/half country. The American flag wedding dress was counterbalanced by the beltane handfasting in white gowns that she and her husband did as part of the same celebration! […]

  4. Dear Amber, I love your dress my husband is coming bck from Iraq for our anniversary at the military ball, Where did you get your dress I can not find it any where and I already have my heart set on it. [email protected]

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