The offbeat bride: Amber, Punk Baby Bedding Designer

Her offbeat partner: ZaQ, Store Manager of Guitar Center

Location & date of wedding: Grandmas Backyard in LaMoille, IL — July 18th, 2009

What made our wedding offbeat: To start, we're very non-traditional and do everything ass-backwards. We have two toddlers, eleven months apart… THEN decided hey, we still like each other three years later, we should totally get married 🙂 So we did!

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We started out with skeleton bride & groom invitations designed by our tattoo artist. We panned a VERY DIY handmade wedding in the backyard of my grandma's home. It featured a huge white tent with white table and chair linens with black satin sashes. Black and white damask everywhere and pops of red. All they boys/men wore black and white Converse and I wore black sequin mono Chucks. LOVE! All the guys wore handmade ties in black and red with damask and a skull in the center, and ZaQ had a white version of that. All my girls wore black convertible dresses and all wore them in different ways with black flats.

ZaQ & Amber Zrust Wedding


ZaQ & Amber Zrust Wedding

I made all the flowers using red roses and black feathers as well as shreads of the damask fabric to hold them together. I had on an off-white dress with black lace and satin and a big black rose fascinator attached to a vintage off white veil. We had a cake topper that featured a groom running off with his guitar (made by me). And we played Bright Eyes and Lucero during the ceremony.


Our biggest challenge: Planning the wedding from three states away. We lived in Minneapolis, MN and got married in LaMoille, IL. We totally could not have made it happen without the help of our family there. They TOTALLY stepped up and made it happen.

Also, the fact that I did so many things myself made it tough. But, more special, so its hard to complain. It was awesome to look back at some of my favorite details and say hey, I made that 🙂

ZaQ & Amber Zrust Wedding

My favorite moment: Oh wow… tough call… I have two favorites.

ZaQ wrote me a song to play during the ceremony. It was amazing. Not cheesy or sappy, just perfect, and everyone loved it.

ZaQ & Amber Zrust Wedding

My youngest son broke away from the pack while the wedding party was walking down the ceremony (outdoor wedding, easy to happen, haha) and met me at the bottom of the stairs, held my hand and walked me all the way down the aisle. It was like it was planned. If he hadn't done that my intention was to walk down alone. It's funny because what would have seemed like a mess-up to one person turned out to be perfection for me.

ZaQ & Amber Zrust Wedding

My offbeat advice: Do it yourself (if you can). Our wedding was AMAZING and cost no more than a about $5000 with the honeymoon to Mexico included. Some of my favorite details were things that I made. Instead of spending $30 on the cardbox I wanted, I spent $4 and made the same thing, but was able to add specific things I wanted, like feathers.

ZaQ & Amber Zrust Wedding

About flowers… most people spend thousands of dollars on them. Now, I'm kinda cheating because I used to be a florist, but I bought six red dozen roses at Walmart two days before and a pack of black feather for $3. I made the bouquets myself. They were perfect. Six years ago I would have sold those bouquets to a client for about $300 or $400! DIY and save a TON.


ZaQ & Amber Zrust Wedding

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Comments on Amber & ZaQ’s Punk Rock Trashy Classy DIY Damask Wedding

  1. That your youngest came and got you was so sweet! The pictures of you with them are adorable.

    • I. LOVE you're wedding. If my bf and I ever get married.. this will definiltely be one of the inspirations.. I love that you were completely DIY.. congrats on that!! Beautiful pictures too! I'm just.. loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i love your wedding colors– my partner and i are also going to do the red and black "punk rock" thing. your fascinator is so hot! what was your wedding song? bright eyes- first day of my life? 🙂

    • YES! Well, Kinda… we walked back DOWN the isle to that song… and ended the ceremony quoting a line from it… 😉

      Cole: Amber & ZaQ, This is the first day of your life. You stood before your friends and family here today and spoke your vows and sealed them with the exchanging of the rings. It is with great honor that I now pronounce you as Husband & Wife.

      Zaq, you may kiss your bride."

      If anyone wants to read it let me know… we wrote the whole ceremony ourselves.

  3. I love that you got to share your ceremony with your children and that your youngest came back for you. I love the demask and the outdoors and the red accents. What I love the most, though, is how happy you both look in those pictures. I hope that happiness lasts for a lifetime.

  4. Congratulations!
    I've been looking around on your blog, and love all the posts about how you put your wedding together.
    Thanks for sharing your wedding with us.

  5. How funny, I was just thinking your husband looked like Ben Folds, and then The Luckiest turns out to be part of the ceremony! Excellent. 🙂

  6. Woww! I love everything! Amazing job! I think my favorite part was that you played Lucero! That will definitely be happening at my wedding as well! 🙂
    Just beautiful though, thanks for sharing!

  7. i love this <3 so much, in every way.
    It sounds like the sorta crazy ass thing I'd do

  8. Oh my GOSH!

    First of all. This wedding is gorgeous. The skeleton bride and groom! I love it! Super classy.

    BUT ALSO! ZaQ was my boss at Guitar Center for a hot minute when I had just moved to Milwaukee and needed some extra cash. I think it was right before you guys had your first kid! It was a delight to work for him. And now here you are! I am just so elated to see you both looking so terrific and happy. Wow! Just wow. Congratulations.

  9. Ha! That last comment is wild! Small world, eh?

    I just have to give a shout-out to the gorgeous short-haired and tatted bride!

    But I also just really wanted to say how much I love how personal you made this wedding. I wouldn’t even call it “offbeat,” it’s just honest and true to you and your lives. From the skulls on the damask ties to the Bright Eyes at the ceremony, your event is truly inspirational. Thank you for sharing your non-conformist wedding that completely celebrates you and your family.

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