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Vintage wedding dresses are always a lovely way to pay tribute to the past, whether it’s your own or a hidden gem found at a vintage shop. Explore our featured vintage wedding dresses and retro-inspired gowns.

These two shy partners rocked their vintage bibliophile Stardust wedding

These two shy partners rocked their vintage bibliophile Stardust wedding

I wanted my wedding to have a classic old Hollywood style. Since we are both bibliophiles who bonded over a love of the stars and Neil Gaiman, we picked Stardust as our inspiration. I was inspired by the images of paper moon photo booths, which fit perfectly with the vintage and astronomical themes that we wanted. I'm also a burlesque dancer who can't image a wedding without glitter.

Superheroes, comic books, and an heirloom dress slayed us at this California wedding

Superheroes, motorcycles, & an heirloom dress slayed us at this Pasadena wedding

Osdael and Breseida’s Pasadena wedding was completely customized to their personalities, including showcasing their love of motorcycle riding by replacing their guestbook with their personal motorcycle helmets. That’s one way of keeping everyone on your mind, literally. They both tied in their love of superheroes in to the cake, cupcakes, and the groomsmen’s cufflinks and socks. Y’all know we love a good comic book and superhero wedding! Hulk smash that cake.

ddd 2 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Have tea at this vintage-inspired wedding with the “dress-cued” vintage dress of our dreams

When a vintage fashion blogger, Frances, married her sweet husband, Doug, we couldn’t stop ogling their fashion, tender looks, and amazing venue. They’re both choir singers and had a Catholic ceremony followed by a relaxed brunch reception at the historic Community House of Hamilton, MA, which included tea and games.

Prepare yourself to witness the $50 vintage dress Frances was able to “dress-cue” into this current amazingness. Those sleeves, that collar, her hairstyle! And Doug’s tie matches it all perfectly. We have so much love for this vintage-inspired wedding in Massachusetts.

Downton Abbey Vintage Style Wedding Dress in Ruby by Nataya alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Find the Downton Abbey dress of your vintage wedding dreams

If you’re looking for a Downton Abbey dress to wear for or to a wedding, then blimey, you’ve come to to the right place. All of these dresses range from small to plus-sizes, and come in all kinds of color combos. Now, let’s dress for dinner and find the Downton Abbey dress that’ll make you clutch your pearls with joy…

fall floral wedding

Katrina & Joshua fall florals in a vineyard wedding

This pair opted for some Trader Joe’s flowers at an ultra cheap price and somehow bagged the most gorgeous assortment of fall-colored blooms. But there’s more to see than just flowers. Check out the heirloom dress over which you’ll die of jealousy, dinosaur cake toppers, and ModCloth reception dress.

farm wedding alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Bethany & Brendan’s honeybee wedding on the farm with cows, chickens, and tears

These two B-named cuties decided to have a honeybee wedding on the sweetest little Minnesotan farm. Don’t miss the beehive piñata, honeystick favors, dad/daughter first look, and all the tears EVER. Everyone’s crying and we’re totally crying along with them. Oh, and check out the bride’s good luck heirloom dress, too.