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We were the first media outlet to write about the concept of unplugged weddings, way back in 2011. In the years since then, unplugged weddings have become a full-fledged trend, and we’ve published tons of articles with wording and advice for unplugged wedding signs, printables, and more. We don’t think it’s rude to ask your guests to put down their devices for a couple minutes, as long as you follow this guidance and ask them respectfully…

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How to have an Unplugged Wedding without you or your guests freaking out

I know everyone wants to have their own photo with the couple, but when you multiply the time it takes by 150 guests, it can quickly eat up your whole wedding day.But I also know that the idea of having an unplugged wedding may freak you out a bit. What if the photographer doesn’t capture every single guest? What if people don’t get it? What if everyone judges your choice? Here are a few tips to assuage your fears of an unplugged wedding…

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Are photographers going to start offering discounts for unplugged weddings?

In my almost-eight years of running Offbeat Bride and working with wedding photographers, I’ve heard of photographers offering potential clients discounts for all sorts of things: discounts for destination weddings, discounts for LGBT-identified couples, discounts for sci-fi weddings or elopements and all sorts of other niche weddings. But yesterday was the first time I saw a photographer who’s offering a discount for couples doing an unplugged wedding. Is this a new thing?

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Pics or it didn’t happen: Celebration versus validation

Between making sure my makeup is “photo-worthy” to chronicling the planning progress (Offbeat Bride, you are my enabler!), the era of instant documentation and weddings is a match made in heaven. Who doesn’t want an excuse to show off pictures of their wedding day? Now you have a reason to take photos of the knitting project you’ve been toiling over for months. Who doesn’t love to get feedback from others fawning over your dress, décor, music, etc? But when does celebrating a day become validating an event?

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Offbeat Bride interview about unplugged weddings on New Hampshire Public Radio

I first wrote about unplugged weddings way back in 2011, with a two-post series. The posts went crazy viral and in the three years since then, the idea has picked up major steam. The Huffington Post noticing the trend in 2012, and New York Times picking up on the concept in 2013. I’m happy to say that the concept is now popular enough that it’s no longer seen as “offbeat” in any way.

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Beth & Garrett’s nerdy boozy musical kickballer wedding

Home-brewed beer (including beer ceremony), an Elvis officiant, a hilarious camp wedding guide, and a cocktail hour with lawn games and merit badges — you’ve just described my perfect camp-out party. Don’t even get us started on the tearful first look, the Sharpie pre-tattoo rings, the dads’ pre-ceremony chest bump, and the time-traveling video invitation. Oh, and there’s one more video that we’re keeping a secret. Trust me, you have to see it.

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Wording from an Unplugged Wedding program

Last year, we introduced the concept of “Unplugged Weddings,” where couples ask their guests to put down their cameras. We even gave you some examples of how to word your request.

Well, a year later, we’re starting to see more and more couples choosing to unplug their weddings. New York’s Ryan Brenizer Photography recently posted this photo of a wedding program on his Facebook wall, with the caption, “I saw this in the wedding program yesterday. Fantastic.” Looks like they read Offbeat Bride!