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uneven wedding party

You do NOT need a matched number of wedding attendants on each side. Here are gorgeous real weddings where there was an uneven number of bridesmaids and groomsmen… And everything worked out just fine.

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A slap in the face (in a good way!)

A reader writes in: “I needed a reality check so I came back to to get the slap in the face I deserved.”

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Tanith & Darius’s laid back, Motor City recession special wedding

“People kept asking me why I wasn’t stressed — it’s because I kept in perspective what the day was actually about. I knew no matter what went wrong I would marry the love of my life so that alone would make my day perfect!”

Too many groomsmen: what to do with a bazillion groomsmen?

Our wedding party consists of Matt’s brother and two of his buddies, and my cousin/childhood best friend (as “the best woman”) and my four brothers (as my “bridesmen”). Any tips on how to incorporate 9 men into a wedding? The only chicks are me and my best woman, Jenna, and my baby cousin (she’ll be […]