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This couple's rock opera wedding as seen on @offbeatbride #wedding #rock #opera

The wedding rock opera of our DREAMS (now with video proof!)

You may remember Rebecca and Bryan from their rockin’ wedding we featured a while back. We teased their all-original ROCK OPERA that they performed at their wedding. And now we’ve got the video evidence by [heart link=""]The Adventures Of[/heart] that something this rad actually happened. Don’t miss the “fuck yeah, I do” wedding vows, the original songs, and spectacular performances. It’s making our lives.

Rustic country wedding as seen on @offbeatbride

A rustic country wedding with an old-fashioned ho-down

Andrea and Steve were inspired by their own way of life when they planned their rustic country wedding. They gorgeously combined a formal, black tie event with a huge family jamboree and old fashioned ho-down. Everyone was encouraged to come with a musical instrument and the drive to rock out. They both come from families who love jam nights and réveillons, so the ho-down was simply back to basics for this music-loving crowd.

Rock opera wedding as seen on @offbeatbride

This couple wrote an original ROCK OPERA for their music-loving wedding

This pair met while playing in their respective bands. After a proposal on that same stage, they decided to write an entire original rock opera album to use as their ceremony. With back-up singers, their own band members, a giant group song, the most explosive kiss ever, and even Statler and Waldorf heckling from the balcony, how can this not be one of our favorite weddings ever? Come see the pink hair, the fabulous dress, the donut desserts, and of course, the amazing concert shots.

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Detroit brass bands and barbecue at Leah & Stephen’s musical wedding

If you don’t know how cool Detroit can actually be, this couple is going to school you. They brought in amazing local BBQ, pies, local farm-created salads, and of course, Detroit brass bands at both the ceremony AND the reception! You’ll love the floral dresses, ribbon wands, piñatas, and the general splendor of a wedding full of music and dancing.

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Aimee & Jon’s garden tea party pagan wedding

This week we’re celebrating woodsy, outdoor weddings before it gets too cold. Today we’ve got a UK wedding focused on keeping things eco-friendly, educational for non-pagans, and full of music. With a handmade corset dress, a ceremony in the round, and a forest setting, this pair totally knows how to do fun, frolic, and rock ‘n’ roll out in the wilderness.

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Jessica & Robin’s cafe wedding with a musical surprise

A torrential rainstorm couldn’t hold back this couple from their music-loving wedding with a serendipitous second-hand wedding dress find. Oh, and there may have been a huge surprise at the reception involving a band, a full choir, and some American Idiot.