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wedding memorial ideas

Some of us choose to use our wedding days as a way to honor loved ones who have passed away. We’ve featured many touching, unique wedding day memorials over the years including wedding memorial tables with candles, signs, poems, and ceremony wording.

wedding memorial ideas alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Trees and fishies: some of our favorite wedding memorials from offbeat weddings

A lot of weddings feature amazing ways to honor those loved ones who have left us. We have a whole archive dedicated to it. Let’s recap a few of our favorite (and some new) ways to memorialize your dearly departed family and friends including with memorial trees, boutonniere charms, gifting your bouquet, and even one “releasing of the goldfish.”

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How to cancel your wedding after the death of your partner

We’ve talked about cancelling your wedding when you decide to break up, but what if tragedy strikes and your fiancé passes away before the wedding?

This is a tragic circumstance that brings far more complexity than simply trying to explain what went wrong. Here are the steps we recommend you take if your partner has died before the wedding took place.

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How much of an asshole am I if I don’t do a memorial at my wedding?

Offbeat Bride has an entire tag devoted to wedding memorials full of ideas for ways to honor your departed loved ones. If that’s what you feel like doing, then good for you! Rock those memorials and share the very-much-missed with everyone. But what if you don’t want to include a wedding memorial? Are you suffering from wedding memorial shame? Should you be?

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Planning a wedding as a fatherless bride

Despite the joy and enthusiasm I felt about getting married, not having my dad there meant there was a shadow, which for me made wedding planning — especially some of the emotions and complexities — as if I were planning both a wedding and a funeral. Death and life. Beginnings and endings. Joy and grief. It was all wound up together in a giant ball of messy emotions.

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When family tragedy strikes during wedding planning

To every cloud there is a silver lining — and the silver lining to my father’s stroke and the fear that we were going to lose him was that when, five months later (six months until the wedding), my fiancé’s mother died suddenly and unexpectedly. I was much better equipped to understand what he was going through. And I was better able to support him. In those first few days after she died we talked about many things, some trivial and some very important…

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Brandy & Josh’s geek chic loft wedding

A wee bit of geek chic, two fabulous venues, and a whole lot of style — this wedding is all kinds of sweet and memorable. Their secular and meaningful ceremony also did a kick-ass job of combining a handfasting and some super sweet vows. You will want to read them! Let’s head in and see the Star Wars LEGOs, the flowing ceremony backdrop, and chic urban loft.