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Party people! Whether you’re into elopements or destination weddings, this is the archive for all of our Las Vegas wedding awesomeness.

Amazing LGBT Las Vegas wedding as seen on @offbeatbride

The matching suits at this Vegas wedding will fill your heart with floral-covered joy

I don’t know if I can adequately prepare you for the super chic matching suits on Lance and Cary. It’s almost too much to bear. You just have to see it, appreciate it, and let it fill your heart with joy. The matching fabric was originally spotted on a pillow while they were shopping for their interior design clients, and they felt it totally pulled together the garden feel of the venue and their fave color. Plus, they’ve been together for 28 years and counting, so we’re looking at long-time love in action. Swoon city, people.

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Kellie & Russ’ second chance love created an amazing Vegas and Chicago wedding

This couple dated 25 years ago, broke up from distance, and found each other again, both divorced and ready to find second chance love with each other. An amazing story followed by an amazing elopement to Las Vegas (with a red string ceremony and pizza!), and a reception in their hometown of Chicago six weeks later.

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#TeamGingerlevelsup: Sarah & Geoff’s 8-bit video game wedding

What do Megaman, Mario, Kirby, and the Blue and Green Lanterns have in common? THIS WEDDING. That’s right, we’ve got an 8-bit bonanza happening over here. Get ready for LEGO centerpieces, a retro Game Boy photo booth, a Zelda ring chest, the most awesome Mario-themed cakes we’ve seen, and a kick-ass costumed bachelor/ette party. #TeamGinger is so leveling up!

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Kimmy & Brent get “Carrie-d” at their Evil Dead-themed wedding

When a wedding starts at an Evil Dead: the Musical show and ends by being “Carrie-d” in buckets of blood, you’re at a pretty kick-ass wedding. With the entire cast in tow, a “Deadite” minister, a glass shotgun full of tequila, and one horror-loving couple, we dare you to enter this wedding and come out alive.

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Marissa & Andrew’s pink-haired Vegas wedding with The Hoff

This bride proposed to her groom, so typical traditions are not their style. And if that’s the case, why not go all out on a pink-haired Vegas wedding with a Hasselhoff cut-out?! Add in the epic purple reception lighting, the sexy bathroom photos, and the awesome way these guests showed their love, and you’ve got one Vegas wedding to remember.

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Katie & Frank’s intimate Vegas rooftop wedding

When it comes to turnkey weddings, there’s no place like Vegas. This couple was able to snag an expansive and amazing suite at the MGM Grand, a rooftop party and dance area, and of course, an all-you-can-eat buffet reception at the casino. Is there any more of a guarantee of FUN? Just looking at the faces of these guests, we’re going with no. It’s obvious this pair had an amazing night with amazing people… and a fabulous handmade dress!