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Brazilian, English, and Indian cultures blend at Tamar & Bruno’s crafty multicultural wedding

Brazilian, English, and Indian cultures collide at this Texas wedding planned from England. Whew! Add in a potluck, allergy-sensitive reception, a handmade dress in addition to handmade bridesmaid dresses, and tons of fabric flower bouquets, and this crafty wedding takes the dairy-free cake. Don’t miss the bride’s amazing hair and the infinity flower unity ceremony.

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When Daleks and the Sith sabotaged a wedding: Lore & Martin’s theatrical wedding

This wedding is blowing our collective minds with its extensive ceremony plotline about Daleks and the Sith plotting to ruin the wedding, groomsmen being impaled, the bride entering with a katana, a wild battle right at the altar… this is required reading, you guys. Just wait until you see the bride’s handmade embroidered musical notes gown, too!

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Katie & Frank’s intimate Vegas rooftop wedding

When it comes to turnkey weddings, there’s no place like Vegas. This couple was able to snag an expansive and amazing suite at the MGM Grand, a rooftop party and dance area, and of course, an all-you-can-eat buffet reception at the casino. Is there any more of a guarantee of FUN? Just looking at the faces of these guests, we’re going with no. It’s obvious this pair had an amazing night with amazing people… and a fabulous handmade dress!

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Christine & Brian’s nature-inspired steampunk wedding

Feast your eyes on this California wedding with a handmade hooded steampunk dress, a gorgeous, feathered brooch bouquet, Game of Thrones cake toppers, hot air balloon centerpieces, and lots of steampunk garb. But the sweetest elements are the “family band” that brought both sides together, and the family’s first dance. So many little girls flying through the air!

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Dawn & John’s elegant and pirate-y wedding

It be Talk Like a Pirate Day again, me hearties, and Offbeat Bride readers can always be counted on to give us amazing pirate-themed weddings. This year we’ve got amazing handmade pirate garb, historical dances, necklaces instead of rings, and even a released mini Kraken. Strap on yer boots, ye landlubber, and take a look.

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Theresa & David’s Sonoma County artists’ farm wedding

We don’t even know where to start with this explosion of awesome, so let’s just gush: metal rocket ships, plastic reindeer, vintage arcade games and a jukebox, wine barrels, vintage furniture, antlers, succulents… all DIYed to blissful, farm-raised local perfection.
This couple and their friends are artists and IT SHOWS. The metal ceremony arch the groom made will knock you out, too. Oh, and wait until you hear the coincidence with the sweetheart table chairs!