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We love circus wedding theme ideas, with stuff officiants in top hats, backdrops for wedding photo booths, bright colors and stripes, a candy bar at the wedding reception, circus themed wedding invitations, circus signs, and tons of colorful table centerpieces ideas. Check the acrobats, trapeze artists, and un-scary clowns.

Vaudeville ain't got nuthin' on this extravagant vintage circus wedding of our dreams

Vaudeville ain’t got nuthin’ on this extravagant vintage circus wedding of our dreams

Sarah and Bob wanted their wedding to have a vintage circus wedding theme. They also wanted it to feel timelesswith elements of Vaudeville, burlesque, pin-up, and Tim Burton, too. Step right up and be prepared to lose your shit over this one, folks. Sideshow acts, state fair food, a bulldog in a tutu… it’s getting wild and woolly and we love it.

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You NEED to see this vintage circus wedding that wins every ribbon

Fair warning: this wedding has SO MANY amazing details that you may need to scan through it more than once to catch it all. It’s a vintage circus wedding that slays all others. From their gorgeous invitations to the fire dancers and performers, it was a spectacle from start to finish. Cash, Tasha, and their stellar vendor team took red draping, parasols, and big top decor and made White Ranch into the circus venue of their dreams… and ours!

Don’t miss the red ribbon place cards, popcorn bar, sushi catering, chic-as-hell cake, and ruffle-collared puppers that led the way…

Rainbows and roller coasters abound at this amusement park wedding in Pennsylvania

Rainbows and roller coasters abound at this Knoebel’s wedding in Pennsylvania

Lizzy and Nate met at an invitational board game convention, so their fun side had to be pretty well-defined. So when they decided to have their wedding at Knoebel’s Amusement Park in Elysburg, Pennsylvania, the fun factor was a done deal. They even had a “first plunge” on a coaster after the ceremony.

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This high-flying trapeze wedding is the greatest show on Earth

As if walking down the wedding aisle isn’t nerve wracking enough, these two did it 30 feet in the air on a high wire no wider than a human thumb. Mustafa and Anna have been performing with Ringling Bros. for the past six years. The two exchanged vows on the high wire where they met and fell in love, surrounded below by friends, family, and circus crew in a ceremony officiated by Ringmaster David Shipman who was ordained specifically for this wedding.

Is this high-flying trapeze wedding the greatest show on Earth? Let’s see! Oh, AND there’s a video for your ogling pleasure…

Awesome steampunk circus wedding as seen on @offbeatbride

A steampunk circus wedding with corsets, ringleaders, and the best flower girl you’ll see today

Circus peanuts, Doc Martens, a gorgeous mohawk, corsets, goggles, circus signage, and so many DIYed elements you’ll want to emulate — this steampunk circus wedding is a blast. The entire affair was a sensational DIY fun house full of costumes, intrigue, and sing-alongs.

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This California circus wedding is the greatest show on Earth

Danielle and John’s San Francisco, California circus-themed wedding included a dance down the aisle, magic tricks by the Ringmaster officiant, ice cream, a food truck, stilt walkers, dancing, and one seriously killer venue, the San Francisco Institute of Possibilities. It’s a wild ride of a wedding that will either leave you breathless or breathing heavy from love.