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We love a good carnival wedding — especially when they skew a little bit vintage or dark cirque. Circus stripes, marquee lights, elephants, and top hats… These weddings truly are the greatest shows on earth.

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Kelly & Jacob’s retro carnival wedding

We’ve seen some amazing carnival weddings, but this one may be in contention for the most epic decor ever. We’re talking popcorn, Cracker Jacks, pinwheels, faux flash tattoos, circus-themed centerpieces, a hot dog stand, a huge and gorgeous candy buffet, and a retro circus cage photo booth! It will make you want to hop on a ferris wheel and get hitched, vintage carnival-style.

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Rachel & Jake’s “Water for Elephants” state fair wedding

If you can resist the lure of this bride’s black shimmery mermaid dress, you are stronger than we are. A vision in black, teal, and red, she slays us with her style. Add that to the sexy groom, 1930s circus theme, and pseudo-elopement strategy, and you’ll be ready to marry these two yourself. Plus, if you’re dealing with photo insecurity, this bride knows how to shut it down and embrace your awesomeness!

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A wild and bright DIY circus-themed Canadian wedding complete with streamers and ice cream

Shai and Crystal win at planning: they pulled off their backyard circus-themed wedding in under a month! Family and friends pitched in by building everything from the red-and-white striped tent to the colorful balloon arch. A parade of feathers, bubbles, and a tiny clown ring bearer led Crystal up the polka dot aisle, and guests tossed streamers into the air at the ceremony’s conclusion. These two opted to use the time immediately following the ceremony to snag ice cream and take photos at a baseball park. The night was rounded out with Indian food and barbecue, followed by tie-dyed cupcakes and a skeleton-topped cake.

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Here’s a sneak peek of Royal Steamline’s new line of budget-friendly wedding invitations!

Step right up and be the first to hear the news about our longtime sponsor Royal Steamline! Just for our Offbeat Bride readers, here is a sneak peek just of “Royal Steamline Electrique” — their new line of digitally-printed, budget-friendly wedding invitations. Let’s take a look at these new beauties shall we…

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Heather & Charlie’s moshing dodgem wedding

We’ve seen this bride’s homemade cake, but we hadn’t seen her epic, punk rock-loving wedding. The wait is over, so you’ll want to check out the retro fashion, insane makeshift mosh pit, and BUMPER CARS at the reception! Oh, and viewing the bride’s surprise wedding tattoo required a sexy-as-hell upskirt shot that we couldn’t help including.

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Casual carnival madness and an interactive ring warming

Meg and Carrie hosted a casual carnival-themed wedding in Meg’s parent’s backyard in New Hampshire, proving that backyard weddings can be kick-ass for budget and scenery. (Seriously, the greenery is making me long for warmer weather!) Plus, they put a really fun spin on a ring warming ceremony by making it “interactive.” Read on to see how they did it.