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We’ve got brunch wedding menus, real brunch weddings, and even a few “breakfast for dinner” weddings tucked in this archive. Also, be sure to check out our posts about morning weddings.

Reception coffee bar ideas from @offbeatbride #wedding #coffee #reception

5 ways to rock a super delish reception coffee bar

What do we want? Coffee! When do we want it? At our wedding reception! Wedding reception coffee bars are easier than you might think. You can certainly ask your caterer to whip you up a fancy coffee bar for beaucoup bucks, but DIYing it can be just as easy, especially if you use a few shortcuts. With the right coffee maker setup, the most delish of flavorings and goodies, and even coffee mug favors, your coffee bar can easily outshine the rest of the food. Let’s get our bean faces on and DIY the crap out of a rad reception coffee bar.

How to ROCK a morning brunch wedding as seen on @offbeatbride #brunch #wedding

Cereal, coffee bars, and short ceremonies: How to ROCK a morning brunch wedding

Missy and Ryan’s lovely early morning brunch wedding came with all the fun of a morning wedding including cereal cupcakes, Bloody Marys, and a coffee bar. They shared their setup with us and tips for how to totally rock a morning brunch wedding for a crowd. Here’s how they did it.

Love 69 X2 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

This Chicago brunch wedding slays us with board games and nostalgia

Davora and Roxy exchanged their vows at a kick-ass restaurant in Chicago, Carnivale. They had a board game-themed brunch reception with board game tables, board game centerpieces, and even board game dessert trays. They included Candy Land, Balderdash, Sorry!, and Cranium, among other nostalgia.

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Fall hard for Amie & Kyle’s lavender and bamboo local farm brunch wedding

The hair, the antler + flower centerpieces, the lavender and lemon macarons, the yorkiepoo in a dress, and the amazing bamboo backdrop: we couldn’t even decide where to begin describing this gorgeous farm wedding in Massachusetts. Don’t miss all the lavender-scented details, purple decor, lovely tent, and sweet looks between these two cuties.

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Brunch drunk love: Jensen & Quinn’s whimsical vintage-inspired wedding

Vintage-inspired decor, super lush floral arrangements, and a seriously gorgeous couple are making us googly-eyed for this wedding. Plus: brunch food like chicken and waffles and craft beer? Sign us up. Prepare yourself for a barrage of amazing floral arrangements, fabulous popcorn favor bags, snazzy signature drinks, and a very cool use of ceremony/reception space with long tables.

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Example day-of schedule for an early morning wedding

Our ceremony started at 10am on a Sunday morning with brunch at 11am and we had the venue until 3pm. We choose brunch because breakfast is the meal we go out for the most. Here is a rough outline of our wedding day…