Spoil your guests with a whiskey fountain

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Chocolate fountains are super swell and everything, but holy moly did you guys see that Lauren and Ben had a whiskey fountain at their wedding?! Talk about a great lesson in Keeping Your Guests Drunk 101.

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Comments on Spoil your guests with a whiskey fountain

  1. I always love the idea of anything in fountains, but I also have an irrational fear that every single fountain is going to get spit in. Just me? 😆

  2. We wanted one, but the lovely person paying for our wedding vetoed it. We did get to add more whiskey to our bar selection and kept the bourbon unity shot, though.

  3. In the super early, fantasy wedding planning, I wanted multiple fountains, including a whiskey fountain. The “no outside booze” rule at our venue squashed my dreams, though.

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