Wear a little plant in your wedding jewelry or boutonniere

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Photo by Wearable Planter
Photo by Wearable Planter

Laura introduced us to her “wearable planter” earrings at her accordions and succulents wedding. Etsy seller WearablePlanter makes these little plant-holding baubles on a 3D printer! So if you're jonesing to wear a special wee sapling to the wedding in your necklace, ring, or a boutonniere (naturally!), this is your shortcut.


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Comments on Wear a little plant in your wedding jewelry or boutonniere

  1. WoW
    as a plant fanatical (in the summer we can’t even use our 2 balconies because of all the plants and my appartement looks more and more like a jungle)
    I am absolutely trilled by the idea

    am concerned (told you I was fanatical) about the livelihood of the plant, does it survive well?

  2. Holy cow!
    Those are the most other-worldly pieces I’ve ever seen. Superb work!
    Keep these awesome shares coming Catherine! 🙂 I need to show my female co-workers this, they’ll love it!


  3. Always i here about different kind of metals are used for jewelery but a plant can used like above is really nice creativity . It shows your supports for nature.
    I really appreciate this effort.

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