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wedding happy iphone logo alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)WeddingHappy is a brand new wedding planning app for your iPhone or iPad, developed and maintained by Liz and Eric, two software engineers. These offbeat sponsors saw a need for this app while planning their own wedding. (I love when awesome people create awesome products to help other awesome people, don't you?)

Basically, WeddingHappy helps you manage your wedding from your handy and (if you're like me) ever-present iPhone, keeps you organized, AND it even keeps your family, friends, and wedding party members up-to-date on the latest wedding happenings.

Keep reading to find out more about the robot wedding planner of the future that fits in your pocket.

WeddingHappy is super easy to use and it's not overly frou-frou like most wedding-related helpers (no muted pinks or wedding bell icons!). It's also fully customizable so you user can add, delete, update all the tasks and vendors and contacts in the truly special way that only offbeat brides can. Check out all these features:wedding happy app alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

  • Customizable task list: A completely customizable list of common tasks is generated based on your wedding date. If you don't need a task, just swipe and delete. Want to add every detail of your crazy offbeat shindig? Not seeing the option for “audition Elvis impersonators” or “paintball party with bridesmaids?” Add 'em all! It's just one tap to add a new task. Easy.
  • Vendor lists: Add, delete, or edit any vendor information, and associate tasks to particular vendors.
  • iCalendar, Facebook, and Twitter integration: Add tasks to your iCalendar to create an alert reminder, and then easily share what you need with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, or email.
  • Dashboard status overview: Easy to understand high level overview of your planning. View the last completed task and then move on to the next task quickly to keep your planning on track.
  • Feel like you're kicking ass: “Unlock” achievements and earn “extra points” for completing tasks for your wedding day! Turning planning into a game could be the ONLY way some of you won't go nuts-o.

    Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
    WeddingHappy is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

As an added bonus, no network connection is needed for most functions, which means even if you're scouting out wedding ceremony sights in the middle of nowhere, with no cell reception, you can still update your WeddingHappy app.

Now download WeddingHappy because where else are you gonna get a wedding planner for just $2.99?

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Comments on Get your own pocket-sized wedding planner for $2.99 from

  1. It’s like you read my mind! After finally picking our wedding date (8-10-12) last night, I hopped on my iPad to see if there were good planning apps, and I couldn’t find one. Then today I see this in my RSS feed! I’m downloading it right now! THANKS!

  2. I’ve just downloaded the app that looked really cool and when I tried to mark a task as “done” it crashed. It crashed repeatedly on every task I tried.

    It’s too bad because I really liked the achievement idea.

    Hope the bugs will be fixed soon.

    • Hi Lokago,

      This is Liz, the developer of Wedding Happy. I’m sorry that something is not working correctly for you. We’ve not had any recent bug reports or crash reports. I can’t replicate this problem so far but I will keep trying. Apple updates their crash reports daily so I will definitely look at them tomorrow to see if I can see anything.

      In the meantime, can you please send us an email to [email protected] with your O/S version, phone type (3g, 3gs or 4), what wedding date you entered and as much detail as possible about the steps that you took before the crash? We will definitely put out a patch to fix the problem but I need these details from you to track it down. Thanks very much.


  3. If only they had this for Android. I do have an IPod Touch, but I don’t carry it with me all the time. (As I understand it IPhone Apps work on the IPod Touch, right?)

    (Why does the word IPod turn into a link to amazon if you use a lower case i to spell it correctly?)

  4. You know, this sounds totally awesome. However, I own not a single apple product (soon to be corrected when I convince the fiancee to buy me an iPad…) – what about awesome wedding apps for Black Berry Torch, or Androids? (I looked on my Torch, and nothing good seems to exist…*sad face*)

  5. I would love LOVE to have this as an android app. I know a lot of people love Apple, but I am one of those oddballs that refuses to buy any of their stuff.

    Any chance of getting this for android anytime soon? There aren’t any good wedding planning apps there either!

  6. It’s Liz from WeddingHappy.

    We identified a problem with WeddingHappy on the older iPhone 3G and second generation iPod Touch. We are fixing the problem and we’ll submit an update to Apple.

    Users of iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, both versions of the iPad and newer iPod touches would probably not have the problem.

    If anyone ever has any questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected]. We are also very open to hearing your feedback about how to improve WeddingHappy.



    • Thank you for your quick answer.
      Indeed my iPhone is not the most recent one.

      I will be looking forward to the release of the update !

      • Hi Lokago,

        Mini-update for you: we’re now waiting for Apple to review the update for the 3G and iPod Touch. I submitted that to them yesterday. I hope they don’t take too long. Apple doesn’t tell us developers how long their review process will take but it’s usually within a few days. The next stage after “waiting for review” is “in review”. Since it’s a really small update, I don’t think Apple will take very long to review it once they start. I can post here when I know more and I’ll tweet from our Twitter account too. Thanks. 🙂


      • Hi Lokago,
        The update (version 1.0.9) has just posted to the App Store for the fix for iPhone 3G and older iPod Touch. I hope you like WeddingHappy. 🙂 Thanks for your patience. Please keep in touch.

        • Thank you so much !

          It’s working great and I already unlocked some badges and added things to my agenda 🙂

          I will try to assure some promotion for the app here in france 🙂

  7. I second the plea for an Android version! I don’t have an iPhone because my android was a gift and I like Sprint.

    • Just to update:

      I’ve been using this OBSESSIVELY since the moment of download. I like the pie chart showing me how close I am to finishing, and how there’s a certain chain of buttons you push that, as you check it off, you mentally say “done and done.” It’s helping me map out what I can accomplish on a daily basis, and keep my meetings in order. Plus attaching notes to each item has proved super helpful for prepping emails to vendors…on the day I needed to email a timeline to them all I had to do was copy and paste the timeline I’d been working on for a week in the notes section, then cross it off my list. It sounds dramatic, but with only two weeks to go I feel like I’d be drowning without this guy keeping everything laid out and organized.

      • Hi Jessica,
        It’s Liz. If there were a “Like” button attached to comments, I’d be a lunatic and clicking it over and over again. 😛

        Your final plans sound like they are really coming together!

        Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to give this nice feedback. You totally made my day! 🙂

  8. I am currently downloading it, I already have aNote for awesome to do lists and notes/ideas, but I could definitely use a bit of to do guidance for my wedding planning, excited to see how far this app goes. Is there a section for listing guests and their info, perchance?

  9. Hi Anna,

    It’s Liz from WeddingHappy.

    I’ve not coded a “guest management” module into WeddingHappy v1.0.8. I can’t commit to implementing this feature in the near future unfortunately but I have made a note of your suggestion. If anyone else would like this sort of thing, let us know. [Loud and clear on the Android support. Working on it! :)]

    So far, we have focused heavily on making WeddingHappy a tool for managing all the different vendors and their tasks. You can associate tasks to specific vendors and put in follow up tasks for a vendor quickly right from their vendor detail screen. And see the data in different ways.

    Another helpful thing is the “Add to Calendar” feature. From a task’s detail screen, you can add that task into your Calendar and then you can get alerts for the calendar event. This can be also helpful if you share a calendar (i.e. Google Calendar) with someone. If you’re not currently sharing a calendar but interested in trying it, here’s an article that explains the setup process:


  10. I just downloaded this and so far, so good. I really appreciate the ease of use and the utter lack of girly-crap.

  11. Hi Everyone,

    It’s Liz from WeddingHappy. We’re exhibitors at our local bridal fair this weekend and we’re running a pricing special for two days and I wanted to tell you about it.

    WeddingHappy is just $0.99 starting on Sunday October 23 through Monday October 24.

    (I hope my comment is in line with the commenting policy)


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