Wedding moccasins and 5 other shoes for brides who don’t give a shit about shoes

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wedding moccasins
Wedding moccasins as worn by Heather at her wedding. Photo by Jessica Fike Photography.

I asked some Offbeat Bride readers on Facebook what I should focus my next shoe post on, and one of them said: “What about a post for brides who don't give a shit about shoes? I was one of those brides. I ended up with a pair of $19.99 moccasins. They were functional, comfortable, cheap, and got the job (aka not being barefoot) done.”

You know what? This is an excellent idea. Sure, some of us are obsessed with shoes (this is me looking at my feet, blushing, and raising my hand), but some of us just don't give a shit about shoes and just need to get something affordable, cute, and comfortable on our feet. All of these shoes are under $50, unassuming, and focused on comfort. We're talking Toms, Cons, Crocs, Birks, and other monosyllabic brands.

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Random bonus shoe that doesn't fit the theme!



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Comments on Wedding moccasins and 5 other shoes for brides who don’t give a shit about shoes

  1. I love my Medieval Moccasins! I wear them whenever I need to wear shoes, but want to feel like I’m barefoot. They’re so comfy! 🙂

    I chose to get married in Paduka sandals though.
    They worked well with my theme and I bought a second pair that I pretty much live in during the summer months.

  2. Can we have a post about brogues please? I am planning on wearing my old brown men’s brogues, but every now and then I have a small crisis about my shoes not being ‘feminine’ enough and still wanting to wear brogues…

    • Hen, I strongly considered brogues with my dress!! I think it’s an awesome idea. Not sure if you’re wearing a wedding dress or more non-traditional attire, but for what it’s worth I’ve always loved mixing “feminine” and “masculine” elements in a single outfit. Ultimately I decided on a pair of nude leather d’orsay flats (which I’m pleased I’ll be able to wear a bunch post-wedding) but I still have brogue envy 😉

  3. Piece of advice about those velvet flats that come in multiple colours: I wear them a lot in summer but I would strongly advise putting a sole in them because I know if I don’t, I get blisters on the soles of my feet because they have zero cushioning. They are very light though and great for dancing. If you’re handy with a needle, you can also embroider them! Some of the girls at school customized them this way.

  4. I’m thinking of making my own moccasins for my wedding. I’m native American and learned last year our traditional way of making them. I thought it’d be a good way to honor my family in my mostly non-native ceremony.

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