Keep pieces of your invitations in a heart-shaped bottle

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The heart-shaped bottle was a gift from a guest of Seth and Jerilyn's wedding. Their thoughtful guest cut up pieces of their invitation and stored them in this little heart-shaped container. Jarilyn says that it now “graces our TV, because that's where we look the most!”

This would be great to do not only for yourselves as a great way to up-cycle leftover wedding invites (as wedding decor, home decor, etc.) but also to do for all your getting-married friends in the future. Just head over to Amazon and pick a heart-shaped bottle and then get to cuttin'.

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Comments on Keep pieces of your invitations in a heart-shaped bottle

  1. I did this for a recently married couple with their invitation, but as an ornament. They. Loved. It. For how little effort it took, I was stunned by how much they appreciated it.

  2. I did this with my own wedding invitation 🙂 I put it through the paper shredder and the curled it and then put the curls into a large clear ornament for our Christmas tree ? it’s one of my very favorite ones! I never thought of giving that as a gift though, how clever!

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