Eyelash jewelry for the more daring among us

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We're no strangers to wild fake eyelashes, but I had to add these beaded and bedazzled lashes from Etsy seller EyelashJewelry to the list. They're pretty out there, but also kind of awesome for the right wedding.

Check out this crazygonuts pair below made of feathers and gold seed beads. There's no way your eyes won't stand out with these bad boys in tow. A quick search on Etsy and Amazon gives you lots of other options for eyelash accoutrement, including more toned down varieties. But I say, go for broke!


Oh, and we've got a tutorial if you're insecure in your (normal or wild) fake eyelash application. And check out our makeup tag archive for more inspiration.

Who's brave enough to try something like this out?

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Comments on Eyelash jewelry for the more daring among us

  1. Wow! Definitely a new style to consider for a modern and “offbeat” bride. 🙂 Very creative, and you can guarantee other brides won’t have your same style. ha ha.

  2. Kudos to anyone that wears these- I have this bizarre feeling I wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes open. Then again, I’ve never tested the strength of my eyelids.

  3. Wahhh! This makes me really sad I can’t wear fake eyelashes. But my eyes are way too heavy-lidded – if I try to I can’t see anything because my eyelids push the lashes down to obscure my vision! I don’t even do mascara…

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