Creative wedding clutches with secret messages and declarations of love

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red ruby rose wedding clutch

You know what's awesome? Offbeat Bride vendors that have been around since the beginning, who still continue to make our jaws drop with their brand of awesome. Like little indie business Red Ruby Rose who has been working with brides since 2008 and been partnering with Offbeat Bride since 2009!

Let's take a peek at some of designer, artist, and illustrator Rowena Dugdal's latest designs, news, and discounts on her collection of unique handmade clutches, shall we?

red ruby rose wedding clutches

HI. Look how freaking gorgeous these peacock wedding clutches are! From vibrant fun colors to stark and stunning black and white prints, and even bags crafted with custom fabrics inspired by Rowena's own illustrations and photography! (I'm looking at you, Scottish Woods clutch!) Red Ruby Rose has the accessory that's going to put the proverbial peacock feather on the cap of your wedding outfit.

Coral Poppy Clutch
Coral Poppy Clutch

Hell, this one's so pretty it could pull double-duty as your bouquet. Ooh, or make the perfect gift for your kick-ass bridesmaids. There are TONS of designs over here that would please even the pickiest, weirdest, or classiest ‘maid.

custom lables

To take your wedding clutch from “gorgeous wedding clutch” to “super duper special wedding clutch,” Red Ruby Rose lets you add a printed message on the bag lining. It's perfect for declarations of love, thanks, or keepsake-making.

Think of all the fun secret messages you could hold in your clutches. ;)
Think of all the fun secret messages you could hold in your clutches. 😉

You know what's also perfect for declarations of love? A special discount for our readers…


10% discount for Offbeat Brides!
Just use coupon code OFFBEATBRIDE at checkout.

All the bags are individually handmade in Scotland — in Red Ruby Rose's little studio by the sea. So there is no mystery supply chain or outsourcing; Rowena make every single bag herself. Don't worry, though, her offbeat location doesn’t stop her shipping bags worldwide on a daily basis! So start scheming up your secret clutch lining messages, take advantage of that discount code, and go shopping for your favorite designs!

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