Throw a “weddings through the ages” vintage-themed bridal shower

Guest post by Christina
Vintage shower decor. (Photo by Rachel Wray)
Vintage shower decor. (Photo by Rachel Wray)

My mom, and in-laws planned my shower with the theme of “weddings through the ages.” Part of the décor was old wedding albums and dresses that guests were encouraged to bring. Old framed wedding photos of family members and vintage jewelry decorated the venue. And above my “chair of honour” hung the umbrella my mother-in-law carried at her wedding. My mom hired someone to make an amazing, vintage-looking cake that I absolutely loved. I even got some vintage china as a gift!

I ADORE anything to do with weddings and I am fond of yesteryears, so this shower theme was perfect for me or anyone who has a love of vintage.

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Comments on Throw a “weddings through the ages” vintage-themed bridal shower

  1. I love the idea of encouraging others to share their weddings because it really creates a sense of community. It can also encourage others to share their stories, experiences and advice. Plus, VINTAGE!

    In our family, each couple who gets married gets a quilt that everyone in the family contributes to, and I would love to have all the married couples bring their quilts together. This gives me a great idea…!

  2. I went to a shower where we had a “fashion show” of wedding dresses and bridesmaids’ gowns from the bride-to-be’s relatives. It was really cool, different girls modeled dresses from her aunts’, moms’ and even grandmothers’ and great-grandmothers’ weddings. And of course, there were framed pictures of the original brides on their wedding days. It was such a fun way to celebrate all the marriages in the family!

  3. Man, I freaking LOVE this! What an amazing way to honor all the generations of a family.

  4. The choir ladies at church threw me a shower and asked if I had any “requests”. I asked if the attendees could bring pictures of their own weddings (many from the 1950’s). It was really cool to hear stories of their weddings, with photos, scrapbooks, and other mementos for illustration.

  5. we did this at our valentines’ day wedding. asked all our family members to bring framed pic of their wedding and a little card to place in front with their names, relationship to us, date married and any other info they wanted to include.

    side note: the framed pix were placed on a table along with our “guest book” – heart-shaped pieces of construction paper for people to sign to which we later attached pix of them taken when they arrived – this was in the days before photo booths at weddings so we had a friend take them in our DIY booth, a little draped corner we set up next to our coat check. a little like prom pix, but better, of course! the “photo booth” pix were printed in pairs. one for our “guest book” and one to send to them with the thank you notes. we even had a little gold stamp that we put on the back of the pix to commemorate our event. the paper hearts were cut to fit into a heart-shaped box which we keep on our mantel.

  6. I love this idea! My MOH and bridesmaids are throwing me a 1950’s themed shower on Saturday. I’m so exited!

  7. This is an excellent idea! I love it, I’ve been thinking of doing something similar for our wedding, having families and friends supply us with their wedding photo and we’ll make a sort of collage or something of them to display on the day.

  8. I’m glad people like this idea as much as I did! My favourite part of my shower was the old wedding albums. They ranged from 1950s to the early 2000s.

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