Vintage snack: honeymooners and a hat tragedy

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I heart this couple so hard. He is a vision of nonchalance, as if he spends every weekend looking dapper and escorting lovely ladies down steps. They are dressed for honeymooning and completely embody what I pictured a 1940s couple to be wearing when they fly off to their destination.

And could you totally picture running around in her kicky little suit now? I know I could. Here is what Emily said about her submission:

This photo was taken after my grandparents' wedding in 1948. They changed out of their wedding clothes right after the wedding so they could go on to their Honeymoon immediately.

They went to Chicago, and the minute they got there, my Granny's beautiful hat blew into the street and got run over by a bus. I really love how Gramps looks like a gangster and Granny just looks so giddy.

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Comments on Vintage snack: honeymooners and a hat tragedy

  1. I love Mondays for the Monday Montage, but I am always sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for these vintage pics! I wish I had more to submit, so for now I have to live vicariously through the submissions of others.

  2. *roots around in her closet for pictures of Great Grams, Grandma, and my mom n dad*… do we submit these again???

  3. love this photo!
    not only would I wear that suit today, I am firmly of the opinion that we should bring back the “going away outfit” (although I might stay for the reception…)
    …and is that an incredibley dressed bridesmaid in the background?

    • Many of my cousins changed into going away outfits after the reception – after the bouquet toss they’d sneak away, let the bride (and sometimes the groom) change, remove the veil and redo the hair just a bit . . . and then leave the reception wearing that. I think it’s fantastically fun – one cousin wore the same 1950s suit that her mom and grandmother had for their going away outfits. Other cousins chose a much more relaxed casual approach, or more of a hippy, groovy approach to the outfits.

    • That is indeed a bridesmaid in the back; it’s the bride’s sister Lolo. I love those long gloves!

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