3 real honeymoon stories, and 2 awesome registry giveaways from Traveler’s Joy

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Since 2004, over 200,000 couples have ditched the traditional wedding registry and used our sponsor Traveler's Joy to register for their honeymoon. We've already talked about all the ways Traveler's Joy makes it easy to register for your honeymoon. This time, let's talk about the best part: the honeymoons themselves!

Here's some real offbeat honeymoon inspiration that can help you plan and register YOUR offbeat honeymoon. PLUS: a special giveaway to boot!

Real honeymoon stories

Each year thousands of couples send Traveler's Joy their honeymoon stories and photos. With over 400 stories on the site, the Real Honeymoon Stories section is now an awesome resource for planning your own dream honeymoon. Check out some of these examples…

Honeymoon destination: France, Croatia, Italy, & Norway
Honeymooners: Megan and Adi
Adi is originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and dreamed of a honeymoon that included visiting his hometown of Mostar and several family members overseas. With only his two-week vacation time, this simply was not possible. We decided to quit our jobs, move our things into storage, get married, and then travel around Europe for seven weeks. Oh, and upon our return we would move to Northern California and find new jobs.

Honeymoon destination: Key West
Honeymooners: Katie & Jennifer
Thanks to TJ (cue some sort of awe inspiring music, think “Chariots of Fire”), we scheduled the honeymoon for the dates immediately following our wedding… Being that most of the trip was truly going to be paid for by others, we wanted to pick a destination that was not expensive so to say and not far away so that our short week was not cut even shorter by much travel time. We decided on Key West, Florida. We had been there as a couple before, and not only is it amazingly beautiful and laid back, but it is also very gay-friendly (something that we truly wanted as well so that we could enjoy ourselves while being ourselves).

Honeymoon destination: Arizona
Honeymooners: Lauren and Tyler
If you don't need more “stuff”, Traveler's Joy is for you. If passive travel is just not your style, Jerome, Arizona is for you. Jerome is a special place, full of special people. This rugged mountain town changed us, made us more intuitive, more adventurous, more receptive to shared experiences, and, we believe, set the tone for our marriage.

Regional registries

In addition to the real honeymoon insights, Traveler's Joy has highlighted some of their favorite honeymoon registries organized by region of the world. So if you're thinking of heading to Africa, New Zealand, or Canada, Traveler's Joy makes it super-easy to read up, get a feel for the locations, and find great tips on what to end up registering for!

Special offers and giveaways

WIN TRIPLE THE GIFTS: EVERY MONTH Traveler's Joy picks one lucky couple on their wedding day and TRIPLES the honeymoon gifts they receive from their Traveler's Joy registry! Register with Traveler's Joy by April 30, 2014 and you will automatically be entered to win! (As always, if you have any questions about the giveaways, contact Traveler's Joy.)

GET $300!: Your first $300-worth of honeymoon activities and experiences will be on Traveler's Joy. Whether it is surfing lessons, a spa treatment, or an amazing bottle of champagne, let them treat you! To enter to win, just do two things:

  1. Register here with Traveler's Joy
  2. Like the Traveler's Joy Facebook page

If you want a wedding registry that not only helps you plan your honeymoon, but may even pick up the tab… you know where to go!

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