Trade day of coordination duties with other engaged friends

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Our amazing coordinators. Thank you!

So you suspect you might need some help on your wedding day, but sadly can't afford a wedding coordinator? Follow in Amy & Adam‘s footsteps and trade with other engaged friends!

We knew we wanted/needed a day-of coordinator, but it also wasn't in our budget. We wanted someone objective who would help execute our plan, and we wanted our families to have a great time and not to have to worry about anything. We ended up doing a trade with our friends, who were getting married a month after us. They coordinated our wedding day, and we coordinated theirs. It worked incredibly well.

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Comments on Trade day of coordination duties with other engaged friends

  1. We did exactly this and it was AMAZING! We swapped with another couple. They worked SO hard for us that we really wanted to step up for theirs. It was a lot of work but so fun. We picked someone that was a friend but wouldn’t have been invited to the wedding, so still someone we’d known for some time. It was awesome having them there. And it was so fun to participate in their wedding.
    More info from the other participating bride in her post here:

  2. This. Is. A. Brilliant. Idea.
    Another option is to have recently wed folks help out too. On our wedding day, there were four other couples there (various siblings on both sides and our best friends) that were utterly invaluable as day of helpers, having just experienced their own wedding days recently. In fact, they were all the main reason I managed to eat anything and stay hydrated that day- they tracked us brand newlyweds in ways no one else did.

  3. I think the key to this is picking someone who wouldn’t normally be invited to the wedding, as making good friends do this means they can’t really enjoy your wedding day! Though maybe the OBB Tribe can be a good place to meet willing volunteers and arrange this type of swap?

    • This is a great idea..!….I’d like to exchange this with someone. I had planned to hire a day of coordinator ..but Im on a budget. How fun would this be to help withone else’s wedding. It would be a privledge.

  4. I’m affiliated with one of the churches in our community, and serve as the “day of” coordinator for everything that needs to be done at the church. I’m at the rehearsal, and arrive at the church before everyone else so I can assist the florist, photographer, etc. Many brides don’t realize they don’t have someone to send them down the aisle! I love doing this and would love to market my services outside this one particular church. Any ideas?

  5. Yes! I would love to meet another offbeat bride that I could hire/swap with for this. Anyone in the NOLA area available next April 2???

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