Three reasons why Titanium Ring Shop will rock your ring fingers

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I'm pretty stoked to introduce you to our newest offbeat sponsor, Titanium Ring Shop. The Titanium Ring Shop designs and sells hand-crafted titanium wedding bands and engagement rings. I happen to be particularly smitten with them because their speciality is Hawaii-inspired designs! One of those rings just might hula its way into my shopping cart, but before I do me, lemme do you! I want to show you the three main reason why the Titanium Ring Shop is so rad.

Custom-made rings

The Titanium Ring Shop has over 250 designs available and the selections range in price from $110 to $1300. They offer rings with awesome inlays, including gold, exotic hardwoods, sparkly minerals, carbon fiber, and diamonds. Speaking of diamonds, they also have these amazing tension set diamond and gemstone rings that would make for some eye-catching engagement rings. And all their rings are customizable creations made specifically for the wearer — choose the ring size, width, profile, finish and (complimentary!) engraving.

Lifetime repair guarantee

Built to last several generations, Titanium Ring Shop rings come with a lifetime guarantee against materials or craftsmanship defects. Gotta love a company that backs up their already great product. Plus they have a 30-day refund policy, so it's pretty much a stress-free shopping experience.

Free shipping worldwide

Titanium Ring Shop provides y'all with free shipping on all of their titanium products. I don't know what more I can say about this. Except, maybe, “thank you!” And then also click here to get your custom wedding rings ASAP!

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  1. I was just saying in Bridechilla last night how I want a silver(in color, not the material)+rose gold band and VOILA!! So excited about this post!!

  2. Did they used to be on Etsy? We got my husband’s ring from a titanium ring shop on Etsy, this looks like the same store. It’s an awesome ring!

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