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Wedding rings for women? Oh yes, we’ve got them here — ranging from alternative engagement rings to non-diamond rings. Wedding rings for men? We’ve got posts about that, too! What about if you’re not wearing a ring? What about wedding tattoos? Yep! Sapphires rings, ruby rings, emerald rings… even rings without stones at all! You may also want to check out these archives: custom rings, eco-wedding rings, non-ring alternatives, and ring tattoos! Oh and der: don’t forget about our Vendor Guide listing of alternative wedding rings and jewelry.

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13 nerdy wedding rings [updated for 2022!]

These are the rings you’re looking for! Gamers, pop-culture enthusiasts, and geeks of all kinds: Offbeat Bride is the original home of nerdy wedding rings. We’ve got geeky wedding ring ideas for all the fandoms: Star Wars wedding rings, Star Trek wedding rings, retro 8-bit gamer wedding rings, Harry Potter wedding rings, and more…

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Diamond as dick size

See, when you talk exact carats, you’re getting into the dick-size game, whether you mean to or not. It’s sort of like pulling down your pants and saying, “Oh that? My 10.75-inch-long penis? Ignore that — I’m trying to tell about you my scrotal piercing!” Here’s a fool-proof way to avoid the whole OMG IT’S SO HUGE discussion.

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NO RINGS: how can I make no ring wedding ceremony?

To help me answer this question, I decided to pull on the expertise of two wedding officiants — my parents! They’re both Internet-ordained ministers, and between the two of them they’ve married dozens of people, often helping couple craft their ceremonies from scratch. They have different styles of officiating, though, so may I present to you the first edition of DUELING OFFICIANTS!

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Non-sucky wedding bands

While my sweetie and I DO want to exchange rings, we DON’T want to spend a lot of money on them, and we have no interest in traditional, mainstream wedding rings.

We want something simple, and different.

We live in a town that doesn’t have anything like that, so online is our best bet.