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Well-Groomed Guide: All Types of Stripes
Well-Groomed Guide: All Types of Stripes

Hey, Offbeatniks! This is Darren from Well Groomed, and Ariel invited me to swing by and offer up a little groom-centric style advice. When it comes to styling grooms (or anyone going for a dapper, masculine style), it's easy to go the rent-a-look route, but that can result in a ho-hum, afterthought look. Carry your offbeat style through for everyone, and you'll end up with a wedding that feels debonaire and personalized.

Channeling a casual vibe for your nuptials? Ditch the suit, and punch up your look with mix-n-match separates. Stick to a cohesive palette, and you can work lots of stripes (and a few dots) to give a casual groom's style some creativity.

A blazer in spring green is extra fresh when paired with white khakis. Add some impact with a blue and white striped button-down shirt and bold green and blue belt. Bright green specs and kicks with a two-tone contrasting sole take the look from head to toe. Finish it all off with a polka dot bow tie to add an unexpected pattern. A leather dopp kit wouldn't be right for this guy to stash his grooming gear. But, a denim one with toiletry graphics fits his style as well as his razor, shaving cream, and cologne.

This look not quite your thing? Don't worry, I'll be back next week with another offbeat look for guys and other dapper types. So, stay tuned!

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Comments on Casual groom style board from Well-Groomed

  1. Love it! being a mother-of-the-groom I know that guys need as much inspiration for these things as the ladies do. thanx!

  2. I love the linen look and the stripes. Really like the shirt, will have to get one for my man!

  3. Yay! My future Mr has bought separate jacket and pants and I didn’t realise quite how much controversy it was going to cause. He hasn’t found the rest of his out fit yet so I’ll look forward to seeing what else you come up with.
    Love that green jacket and I want the glasses for me. 🙂

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