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Sure, Starkers! Corsetry does traditional wedding gowns … but they definitely specialize in offbeat corset-based wedding attire: black & white, red, vinyl, stripes, Gothic wedding gowns, and oooh so much more.

Starkers! corsets and gowns can be created for any size, from teeny petite-y to plus sized, and are almost always two piece, so you actually can wear your corset after your wedding. Because the corsets and gowns are exactly to your measurements, they're relatively comfortable to wear all day. Despite the 26 steel bones, they're still flexible enough to dine, dance, and celebrate in.

Founded by Diana DiNoble, Starkers! has been creating custom corsets for 17 years — 11 years of that online. This is all to say, holy shit ladies: Diana knows what she's doing.

Each corset is custom made using the measurements and information you provide to create a garment that will fit your individual body and style. Whether you are a woman, man, plus size or petite, they take the time to draft your pattern and construct your one of a kind corset using the quality fabrics and leathers. All of Starkers! corsets are constructed for strength and durability and can provide a moderate, natural curve, but are also suitable for tight lacing and every day wear.

For $40 off your wedding corset, use the code “” on the Starkers! order form.

And compared to off-the-rack wedding gowns, Starkers! prices are totally reasonable, starting at $355. Full custom wedding gowns approx $650, which includes custom fit, custom design. You can select your own fabric, send your measurements online, by phone, or (if you happen to be in Toronto) go in for a personal fitting.

Oh and PS, Halloween brides: Starkers! specializes in Halloween weddings, and they need 6-8 weeks to create your gown and corset … so if you're planning a Halloween 2009 wedding, NOW is the time to place your order.

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Comments on Wedding corsets and gowns from Starkers! Corsetry

  1. I always thought I would make my wedding dress … but these are stunning! I may have changed my mind!

  2. where can i get a dress made? they are both beautiful, how much would it cost to make one/? im getting married soon and we both waited for marriage to have sex so i want something with a corset, and sexy that when he sees me he doesnt think wow shes beautiful but wow my girl looks hot and cant wait to take that off later!!! lol sorry kin d of graphic but hopefully u get what im saying

    • Isabella, hi, My name is Natalie. I've just read up on you're comment about a wedding dress you sent six weeks ago! so I hope you don't mind me replying! I was wondering if you found out in the end where you wanted a dress like a corset made? A bit've info from you would be sucha great help. thanks. . . Natalie

  3. I love that dress, the first one! I'm due to wed'n I would totally LOVE to marry in that dress. Its fantastically, stunningly beautiful! But I live in Camborne, UK so where can I get sucha stunning dress made like that? I don't want my partner to think its a normal, white wedding! I really want him to think that he's married the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. But being in that dress, I feel it'll probably work! <3

    • Natalie: I'm betting Starkers will work with you in the UK! Get in touch with them — as a bonus, you get to enjoy the fact that the pound is WAY stronger than the US dollar right now, so you'll get a built in discount.

  4. omg..where can i buy the black and white dress? it’s my dream dress..i’ve been looking for it everywhere

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