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So, remember months ago when I did that post on short haired brides? And I included that one bride with the most awesome spikey hair and the Exploding Dog tattoo? Well, her name is Lindsay and someone tipped her off to the fact that she was on offbeat bride, and now we all get to see much much more of her wedding.

Turns out that actually wasn't a feather fascinator in her hair — it was a little floral headpiece. Oh and also? The infamous Martha pom-poms figured prominently at the wedding.

For way way waaaay more photos from Lindsay‘s Roanoke, VA wedding, click the pic below!
1484684743 0de0ce57c2 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

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Comments on Spikey-haired brides make me swoon

  1. Nothing makes me feel dumber than seeing that everyone else in the world is capable of making those damn poms but me.

    Lovely wedding, though. I love the groom’s suit!

  2. Your wedding looked like so much fun! I love the pictures with the bridal party members each doing something different with the tissue pom-poms :o)

    Do you mind if I ask where you got your bridesmaids necklaces from, I love them!

  3. Gorgeous! Looove the pompoms.

    Forget the bridesmaids necklaces, where did you get YOUR necklace?! I’ve been looking for something to wear for quite some time now, and yours is brilliant!


  4. …you are stunning.

    please let me know where you got this exquisite dress and that fantastic necklace.


  5. wow i’m so excited to be featured in offbeat bride 🙂 thanks guys!

    here’s the info you requested:

    the dress is by “moonlight bridal” i got it from tiffany’s bridal in virginia beach or norfolk. it was the first dress i tried on! here is a link to the dress on the site – http://www.moonlightbridal.com/newsite/products.php?pid=756#
    it came with this cheesy beaded thing on the side but i had them make it without that.

    the necklace is from swarovski. i don’t even know why i went into a swarovski store, but i did, and this lady made me try on the necklace and i had to have it. this is the necklace – http://www.swarovski.com:80/product/Confetti+Necklace/Web_US/en?CategoryName=040101&ProductPage=0

    then i got this brooch to match and use in place of the yucky thing that originally came on the dress – http://www.swarovski.com:80/product/Confetti+Brooch/Web_US/en?CategoryName=040101&ProductPage=0

    i’m going to try to make them “family heirlooms” so my sister and children can wear them on their wedding days, if they want.

    i made the bridesmaids necklaces with these really cool handmade papier-mâché beads and some ribbon.

    thanks again for all your sweet comments. our one year anniversary is coming up next month and it has been the best ever! good luck to everyone 🙂 <3

  6. I LOVE that haircut! The feathered layers just flows nicely.

    “i don’t even know why i went into a swarovski store, but i did, and this lady made me try on the necklace and i had to have it.”

    Dont you hate whenever you have a salesperson with that special eye for certain things place a piece of jewelry on you that totally works?
    I never thought I would have a tiara until a saleslady trapped me with one that I fell in love with.

  7. I absolutely love her hair! It is so rocktastic! I would love to have short hair like this if I wasn’t such a retard at doing anything but a ponytail 😀

  8. You are a beautiful couple and I must say your groom is riveting!!
    You and your friends look very creative and fun.

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